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10 Verses of Hope for When You Are Down or Depressed

10 Verses of Hope for When You Are Down or Depressed

Dear Dr. B,
I know you’ve gone through depression, help those who suffer, and have written a book about it. I’ve really been struggling and just can’t seem to get to the other side. I’ve heard you talk about the importance of reciting Scripture and standing on God’s promises, especially when someone struggles with depression or anxiety. Can you suggest any particular verses to use to get started?

Lost My Joy

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Life Cut Short

Life Cut Short

Excited cannot begin to express how we felt as we entered the doctor’s office that day. It’s always special for a momma to feel her baby move inside her pregnant belly, but it’s a different kind of special for the expecting couple to see their little growing “peanut” on the sonogram screen. We followed the nurse into the exam room, traded my street clothes for the disposable paper gown she offered, and waited for my doctor to enter. When he did, he was all smiles as usual. I liked him. His positive attitude always put me at ease, and made it feel less like a doctor’s visit and more like catching up with a friend.

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10 Scriptures for When You Need Strength

10 Scriptures for When You Need Strength

“We’re in the fire.” That’s how I described our current life situation when I ran into a couple of friends recently who asked how me and my family were. “This may go down as our most challenging year ever,” I explained. “That’s saying a lot given all you two have endured in your 30 years together!” one of them replied. [more]

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It Is Finished: What Jesus Would Say About Anxiety

It Is Finished: What Jesus Would Say About Anxiety

“I’m worried that, no scratch that. I have a concern that if we don’t address the issue, it could become a bigger issue later on,” I explained. “Why did you say it like that?” “Because our words have power, and God tells us not to worry. So I’m going to choose not to worry in this situation, and trust Him, while taking appropriate action.” [more]

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5 Tips to Cope with the Hard Times

5 Tips to Cope with the Hard Times

“I don’t know how you do it. How do you cope with the hard times?” That’s the sentiment I hear fairly frequently in one permutation or another over recent months since trying to juggle managing my private practice with significant staff turnover, caring for my husband since his cancer diagnosis and multiple pulmonary embolisms, and my own health issues, while tending to my family with the challenges of adolescence. [more]

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Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Dr. Michelle Bengtson

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