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Ask Dr B: Compassion Fatigue

Ask Dr B: Compassion Fatigue

Dear Dr B,

I have several family members and friends who have chronic illness and pain. I also work in ministry with many people who are going through a number of difficult struggles. It’s just my nature to want to do whatever I can to help. I pray for them, but I have to tell you that I also tend to carry their burdens with them and allow their struggles to really get me down. How can I empathize, support, and give Godly advice without suffering with them, feeling like I have to solve their problems, and having it negatively impact me? [more]

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Ask DrB: Lessons From a Dementia Caregiver-Part 4 Respite Care

Ask DrB: Lessons From a Dementia Caregiver-Part 4 Respite Care

In my private practice, I evaluate and treat patients with a variety of conditions ranging from ADHD to depression to dementia, and I find that there are so many un-asked questions, primarily because until you’ve been through a situation, you don’t know what to ask. So I usually try to anticipate some of those questions ahead of time and answer them.

Dementia is a cruel disease that doesn’t just impact the one diagnosed—it impacts the whole family. When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, caregivers are often filled with fear, concern, and dread. In today’s post, I’m continuing an interview with a caregiver whose wife was diagnosed with dementia, about what he found to make his journey a bit easier. [more]

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Ask Dr B When a Spouse Is Depressed

Ask Dr B When a Spouse Is Depressed

In today’s Ask Dr. B, a reader is trying to understand what to do when a spouse is depressed. Dr. Bengtson provides helpful information on the course of action.

Dear Dr. B,

My husband has suffered with depression for over the decade we have been together and many more years before that. When he is depressed he views me as the enemy, so any time I try to reach out he views it as manipulative, controlling, etc. He pushes me away!

Is it typical that when he isn’t depressed we discuss how his behaviors are hurtful and he acknowledges it but then when he cycles into depression he does the same behaviors that we discussed? [more]

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Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Dr. Michelle Bengtson

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