Coping With Panic Attacks

Coping With Panic Attacks

Dear Dr. B,

When I get stressed, I’ve notice my heart races and I have a hard time catching my breath. What should I do?

Sincerely, Stressed and Breathless

Dear Stressed,

First, I would most certainly recommend that you make an appointment with your primary care physician to ensure that there isn’t something medically wrong that needs to be treated.

Assuming that you are medically cleared, it sounds to me like you may be experiencing the symptoms of a panic attack. A panic attack is in essence a collection of physiological symptoms which is your body’s reaction to anxiety. But panic attacks can mimic other medical conditions which is why I first suggested you see your medical doctor to rule out other medical conditions.

In the case of panic, it’s important to recognize that it will pass. It’s also helpful to know that it is impossible for you brain and your body to be relaxed and anxious at the same time. So if you will take a few really deep breaths, and concentrate on relaxing rather than focusing on the panic, it will help.

You mentioned that this tends to happen when you are stressed.  I’d encourage you to find some better ways of coping with your stress so that your brain and body don’t resort to anxiety and panic.

The Bible says to “Be anxious for nothing, but in every situation with prayer and thanksgiving, make our requests known to God” (Philippians 4:6). That’s about the best stress-reduction strategy I can offer.

Here are a couple of other tips to consider. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and regular physical exercise help mitigate stress. Focusing on the positive also helps-thanking God in the midst of our struggles helps us do that. Taking regular breaks is important.

If you need help coming up with additional coping strategies for managing the stress in your life, you may want to consider consulting with a therapist for a few sessions.

Keep in mind, most of what we worry about never comes to pass.

Your RX for Coping with Panic Attacks

Hope Prevails,
Dr. B

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