That’s where I was.

At least that’s what I believed.

As I looked around me it seemed like everyone else was so full of joy and yet I had none. In fact, depression was all I could see as the dark night of my soul enveloped me.

Why were they the lucky ones? Was I not as deserving? Was I not as worthy? Was I not as special? Was I not as important?

I wasn’t even sure I knew what joy was. To me, it was just a word in a Christmas carol.

I wasn’t even sure how I had fallen in this deep, dark well. I was the doctor—the neuropsychologist who treated patients with anxiety and depression for twenty years. Shouldn’t I have been able to prevent depression from enveloping me?

At least I knew how to treat it, right?

That’s what I thought.

And so I embarked on all the treatment strategies I had suggested to my patients for nearly two decades: therapy, medication, diet, exercise, rest. They all helped, but they were not enough to eradicate the depression that wreaked havoc in my soul… continued at


The Hope Prevails Bible Study is now available!

In this Bible study companion to Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey through Depression, Dr. Bengtson, a neuropsychologist with over 25 years of experience, shares both her clinical expertise and her own personal journey through depression.

Dr. Bengtson’s personal experience is interwoven with questions for reflection, key thoughts, music playlist suggestions, resources, plus a leader’s guide.

This Bible study can be used as a companion to Hope Prevails or independent study by an individual or is perfect in a small or larger group study. Useful for churches and counseling practices.

“Authentic connections, raw insights, and powerful truths. A great resource for individuals that would be highly beneficial to both church and counseling groups.” ~ Pastor Debbie Kitterman, Founder, Dare 2 Hear Ministry


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