Life Changes in a Breath by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

It’s not a cliché.

Life can change quicker than you can take a breath; sooner than you can finish a thought.

I’ve been there many times.

Like the time my eyes scanned the computer monitor, willing it to find our baby’s heart beat, but there no longer was one. Please, my heart cried as my womb remained full, but our baby was gone.

Or the time when my husband and I sat holding hands, knees touching as we faced the doctor, to be told to get our affairs in order because cancer would claim his life.

Or the time no words were said, but the road ahead turned into a sea of red lights; cars and trucks going every which way, and we were powerless to stop it.

In the time it takes to gasp for breath, our lives can change forever. Pain enters in, and everything familiar fades away. Our hopes, our dreams, our plans can be ripped away, leaving in their wake pain, anguish, and unanswered questions.

What do we do then?

Those are the times that our minds are ready fodder for the lies of the enemy; lies that deceive and distort and cast doubt. Those are times when we must pro-actively stand on the truth of God’s word.

He knows that pain. He felt it too. He is well acquainted with our sorrow.

In one last breath, as He hung on the cross, He cried out, “It is finished” and all of eternity changed in that breath.

Despite the pain, the pain that takes our breath away, when we become helplessly dependent on God, we couldn’t be in a safer place.

Where we feel dirty, He sees clean.
When we see broken, He sees wholeness.
When we feel pain, He brings restoration.
When we see scars, He sees healing.

The enemy would like to keep us hidden behind the shame of our dirtiness, while God reminds us that Christ’s shed blood has already made us clean.

The enemy would like us to believe that our pain is permanent, but truth declares that “by his stripes we are healed.”

The enemy wants us to see our brokenness as something to be ashamed of, but God uses our brokenness as a vessel for His light to shine through.

The enemy would like us to focus on our scars, to see their ugliness, but God delights in showing us that scars no longer hurt because healing has come.

In suffering we find how temporary our grasp is on this life. Our hope is not in this life. Our hope comes from the assurance of life spent in glory with Him, where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more goodbyes.

If our suffering causes us to refocus our attention upward, consider it a good thing. He is the only thing that matters. Because in that one breath, He changed our lives forever.

Can you trust Him in your suffering?

Because of Him, Hope Prevails!


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