What to expect when you call our office for an appointment

Our office has a 3 appointment process.

When you place your first call, we will need to ask questions to obtain some pertinent information and check your insurance benefits prior to your first appointment.

First Appointment – Diagnostic Interview

For patients who are under 18-years old, the first appointment is for parents only.

If the patient is 18-years old or older, in most instances, the appointment requires speaking with them.

Adult patients may choose to invite a person, generally a parent or a spouse, to accompany them to the appointment.

Senior patients may choose to have an adult child accompany them to the appointment.

The first appointment will last approximately 40-45 minutes. Under Patient Forms, you will find links for Adult and Senior Evaluations. Please complete the appropriate detailed information packet and bring it with you to the first appointment. In the interview, Dr. Bengtson will ask questions that will enable her to choose the best tests to administer that will assist her in making an accurate, precise diagnosis and treatment plan. There will also be time for you as the patient to talk about your concerns.

Second Appointment – Testing

The second appointment will be scheduled approximately two weeks after the diagnostic interview. This time frame allows for required insurance pre-authorization for testing. This appointment requires the patient. Because people tend to perform their best in the morning, we prefer to schedule testing early in the day. These appointments generally take the better part of the morning or afternoon to complete.

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that you may check in with the front desk, complete any other paperwork that may be required and process any payments due.

In our experience, the parents of pediatric patients tend to leave the office to take care of other business once the child has started their testing with Dr. Bengtson and the technician. If the parent chooses to leave the office, when the testing is almost complete, office staff will contact you via phone (cell, home or work) to let you know.

Parents may want to bring a snack or light lunch for the child. After the child goes back for testing, these items can be passed to the receptionist and stored in the refrigerator. It’s best to not let the child know in advance so they do not focus on it. They tend to want their snack or lunch right away instead of waiting until a break time is needed.

Third Appointment – Feedback

The feedback appointment is for parents only or the adult patient who may choose to bring their spouse or adult child. If you have completed all required paperwork and turned it in by the day of the testing appointment, the feedback appointment, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, will be scheduled approximately one week after testing. After testing, Dr. Bengtson analyzes the test results. She creates a 3 to 5-page typewritten report that details the results of the test. She includes her diagnosis and her recommendation for a treatment plan. During this appointment, Dr. Bengtson will present the results of the testing, provide you a copy of the report for your records, and also answer your questions. Dr. Bengtson’s office will fax the results to any doctors or healthcare professionals once you have authorized their release.

Handling of Finances

Payment is expected at the beginning of each appointment. We accept cash, checks, debit cards, Mastercard and Visa.

If you have provided current insurance information, we will collect the co-payment due and file for the remainder due for the services provided during that day’s appointment. Any amount not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the insured. Once we receive payment from the insurance company, we will bill you for any amount due.

Some insurance plans require the insured party obtain a pre-authorization number prior to each appointment.

Please keep in mind, we make every effort to verify your insurance benefits prior to your appointment. When verifying, the insurance companies include this statement: “this is not a guarantee of benefits – the final decision regarding coverage and payment will be made at the time the claim is received.”

If you have Medical Insurance and choose to use those benefits to cover appointments with our office, please provide all information necessary when you make your first call. The easiest way to find this information is using your insurance card. Prior to your first appointment, we will call to verify your benefits.

Most often, visits to our office are covered under the Mental Health portion of your medical coverage and are generally considered “outpatient mental health visits.” Our office is affiliated with many different insurance plans and considered an “in-network” provider for those plans. Payment for office visits for in-network providers generally require a co-payment for each visit and some may also have a deductible that must be met. Sometimes this deductible is specific to mental health while at other times it is combined with medical.

If we are not affiliated with a particular insurance plan, we can usually file “out of network benefits.” For out of network coverage, a deductible generally applies. The portion covered by out of network benefits may be less than in network benefits.

To ensure you fully understand your benefits and any exclusions that may apply to your coverage, we encourage you to ready your policy thoroughly. You may also want to call your insurance member services and speak to a customer service representative who may help you with any questions you may have.

Affiliated Insurance Providers

We are considered in-network with the following plans. Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change without notice.

  • Aetna (PPO, HMO. POS, EPO)
  • APS Healthcare
  • BCE Emergis
  • Beech Street
  • Behavioral Health Systems
  • CIGNA Behavioral Health
  • ComPsych
  • CorpHealth
  • Great West
  • HealthSmart N.T.
  • Humana
  • Magellan
  • MHN – Managed Health Network
  • MHNet – Mental Health Network
  • North Texas Health Care
  • PHCS
  • Texas True Choice
  • Unicare
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Value Options

Mental Health Organizations

Please visit Mental Health Organizations page for links to various organizations that will help you understand more about mental health.

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