Release by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

“Release. Just release. You’ve done the work, now release it and let God handle the outcome. Just release.”

Those words of wisdom from a friend rained down from my head to my heart over the next 24 hours, the last 24 hours of my time at the beach with the Lord.

I had gone there for 3 days to get away, to get perspective, unsure of what I would hear, when she offered those words of unsolicited but very needed advice. She didn’t know the chaos that was pummeling me from every side like a summer hurricane. She knew only of one situation that neither of us were able to influence but wanted very much to try.

“Just release,” she implored.

I’m not much of a big crier. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but my upbringing was such that tears were not tolerated, much less encouraged. I learned to be strong despite my pain. Now when I cry, I know one of two things (or both) are usually at play: either I’m truly at the end of myself, or the Lord is doing a deep work.

From the moment she spoke “Release,” the tears started to run down my cheeks. The more she explained, the harder the tears flowed until they were so fast and so thick that I could no longer see the beach on which I was walking. It might as well have been storming on that beach because it was in my heart.

Bless her heart, she wouldn’t know until a subsequent conversation how her words spoke into several areas of my life, not just the topic that originated our conversation.

Possible cancer? Release it. God is bigger than cancer.

Possible financial ruin? Release it. God takes care of the sparrows. Surely He watches over you.

Potential career change? Release it. God gave you your calling; He knows the plans He has for you and they are good.

A child being bullied? Release it. He is God’s child first and God cares for him even more than you do.

A child’s future pursuits? Release it. You’ve trained up your child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

A new ministry endeavor? Release it. God called you to it, He will see you through it in His way, His timing.

“Release it.” What did that really mean anyway?

I knew what it meant. God was telling me the same thing He had been telling me those few days as I walked with Him along the beach, just in a different way: “Trust me.”

He and I both knew that if I was being honest, I struggled with trust. Maybe it started as a toddler alone in the hospital. Or maybe it started as a child when my earthly father died. Or maybe it started when my husband lost his job after being diagnosed with cancer.

Somewhere along the line, I believed the enemy’s lie that I couldn’t trust God. But lately, the One who created me was beckoning me back to trust Him above all else.

In my worries and fears, I was projecting the enemy’s lies onto my future and believing them to be true. Yet He was challenging me to release my weighty concerns and trust what I couldn’t see but what I knew to be truth: God is good all the time.

You see, fear and faith both equally long to be expressed. But we have a choice. One is from the enemy who seeks only to steal, kill and destroy while the other comes from our loving Father who desires only good for us. It’s a choice.

Release it. What do you need to release today and trust God for?

Because of Him, Hope Prevails!

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