How God Sees You: Already Amazing

How God Sees You: Already Amazing

The woman at the well…I’ve always been drawn to her. Her pain. Her need. How Jesus saw her real need—her need for Him. The need she tried to fill in with others but that could only be satisfied by Him.

I think there’s a bit of her in me. Maybe there is in you too. My prayers began the journey to that very revelation, a similar well-type encounter. “God, I long to be closer to you. For you to be pleased. What am I doing wrong? Show me. Tell me.” [more]

The Need to Break Busy

The Need to Break Busy

Do you suffer like Martha from excessive busyness? Do you need to break from busy life? Today, you have the choice to go it alone or surrender it to God. What will you choose to combat busy?

Sand in my toes, water lapping up on my feet, watching the sun either descend below the horizon or arise to announce the break of a brand new day…that’s where I feel most at peace, where my heart stills and I most easily hear my Father’s voice.

And then it’s time to leave. Time to get back to real life. Busy life. Life where one pressure or another tugs in multiple directions until we feel frayed at the edges.

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