The Cure for a Bad Attitude

The Cure for a Bad Attitude

Have you ever had one of those days where frustration has threatened to over take you? That’s where I sat, on the verge of tears.

Situations occurred that were out of my control, things I was depending on and was now powerless to do anything about. People proved unreliable and undependable. Tasks that should have been simple were proving to be difficult at every turn.

I was emotionally spent. Physically weary. Every ounce of me wanted to give up. I wanted to complain. I wanted wrongs to be made right.

Seven Ways to Avoid Being Driven to Distraction

Seven Ways to Avoid Being Driven to Distraction

Dear Dr. B,
I get so easily distracted that it keeps me from being more effective in my personal and professional life. How can I keep my mind from wandering or being distracted by a million things?
Driven to Distraction

Dear Distracted,
Everyone gets distracted from time to time, but it sounds like what you are describing is more than an occasional distractibility. [more]

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