On my knees and on my face before the Lord, the tears streamed. There was nothing else I could do.

I could not:

  • remove a family member’s dementia
  • reverse a friend’s divorce
  • take away a friend’s cancer diagnosis
  • bring a friend’s child home from prison
  • help another friend get services for her adult child with Asperger’s syndrome who was too high functioning to meet system criteria
  • heal a friend’s heart broken from her spouse’s sex addiction
  • alter a friend’s financial ruin

So very many hurts among those I knew and loved, and these just barely skimmed the surface.

My heart ached and my throat burned as my tears seared their way down my cheeks as I petitioned the Lord.

I begged for answers…for some way I could help that would make a difference.

Yet I heard nothing.

What do you do when a friend is hurting and you do not have the answers?

Professionally, I was used to having answers…patients came to me for answers when they had exhausted other avenues, and frequently I was able to provide the answers that others had not. And yet, now, I could not. And I felt helpless.

Or, at least, that was what the enemy of my soul wanted me to believe. The facts were that I did not know the answer, while the truth was that I had access to the One who has all the answers.

The greatest gift we can give anyone is to pray and lead them to the One who not only knows their need but knows how to meet their need.

So very often I hear others say, and I have often said myself, “I wish there was something more I can do other than pray.” But friend, prayer is the most powerful thing we can offer anyone in need. And yet that gift requires the greatest amount of trust.

Trust chooses faith over fear, confidence over cowardice & power over panic.

When we don’t know what else to do, trust is the most important thing we can do. We can exhibit that trust through prayer. We may not have the answers for cancer or bankruptcy, but we can trust the One who does.

What do you need to trust Him for today?


(If you have a question you’d like Dr. B to answer, contact her here now. Your name and identity will be kept confidential.)




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