There are those memories that are seared into your mind and into your heart forever. Like a wedding day, or the birth of your first child. Maybe your first day of school. Some memories are not so cheery, but equally difficult to forget.

I’ll never forget the day. And I do mean all day. My husband had been diagnosed with a very rare form of abdominal cancer. We had been told to get our affairs in order because he very likely only had a couple of years to live. The prescribed treatment to prolong his life was a very invasive surgery, but even that ran a one in four chance of mortality on the operating table.

The day he had surgery was long…It was a 23-hour surgery, all the while not knowing if he would make it out of surgery. My parents flew in from out of state to sit with me during the day, and care for our child during the evening hours. Friends rotated through the surgical waiting room with well wishes and prayers, while we waited for answers. Answers that seemed to take forever in coming.

But that’s much like being in God’s waiting room. Have you ever been there?

Where you pray, yet the answer doesn’t seem to come?

You cry out for relief, but the pain continues without end?

You ask God to open a door and make a way, yet all you see are dead ends?

The waiting is never easy.

But the question always comes back to where will we keep our focus, and in whom will we put our trust?

If we will keep our trust in God, and remember that He is always faithful, the times of waiting won’t be so hard. In His word, He promises that those who put their trust in Him will NOT be disappointed (Romans 10:11 NAS).

And yet, we always seem to want to know “Why?”
Why doesn’t God answer more quickly?
Why do we have to wait?
Why does there have to be so much suffering in the process?

And yet, sometimes, I wonder if there might be a different way to look at the situation…

If we know that God can be trusted, and his faithfulness is never in question, might it be possible that in the waiting, our own hearts are tested? In the waiting we see if We can be trusted to be faithful to Him?

Will we remain steadfast…
…Until the answer comes?
…Until the pain ends?
…Until He opens the door?
Will we continue to pray fervently and seek His face?
Maybe like with David, we have an opportunity to show God:

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits,
And in His word I do hope.” (Psalm 130:5)

Have you ever been in a waiting season with God? How were you able to trust Him through it? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. You just might encourage someone else while they are in a waiting season of their own right now.

Because of Him,

Have you ever been in God's waiting room? Waiting for an answer to come, for pain to end or for a door to open? Waiting is never easy. When we keep our trust in God and remember He is always faithful, the waiting is not as hard.


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