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Renewing Minds

Restoring Hope

Empowering Families

Dr. Michelle Bengtson is on a Mission: Instilling Hope in Hurting Hearts, Renewing Minds, and Empowering Families.

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Hope Prevails

By 2020, depression will be our greatest global epidemic.

In any given year, approximately 18.8 million American adults suffer from a depressive disorder. At some point, about one in four Americans will experience depression. If you have not suffered from depression, you know someone who has or does!   Hope Prevails educates the reader on what depression is and where it comes from. Dr. Bengtson teaches what the enemy does to get and keep us depressed. She also shows that despite depression, because of Him, Hope Prevails! She offers treatment strategies as well as prescriptive action plans at the end of each chapter.



“There are many fine, worthy, and insightful books written about depression but in my view, Dr. Bengtson’s trumps them all. Our first step of making it to the other side of the valley of depression may well be falling into the competent and compassionately written words of this God-honoring book: Hope Prevails.”

Marilyn Meberg, Speaker, Women of Faith

“As a counselor, I have read many books on depression, but I have never read a book that deals with the spiritual aspect of healing as thoroughly as does Hope Prevails. Dr. Bengtson draws from her own personal journey as well as her professional experience. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has tasted the pain of depression or knows a friend who is depressed.”

Gary Chapman, Ph.D., #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages

“It is refreshing to have a board-certified neuropsychologist acknowledge the spiritual component of depression, but it is even more impressive that Dr. Bengtson would be willing to share her own journey through the fog of despair. Her personal insights are invaluable for those who are struggling with what is often described as ‘the common cold of mental illness.’”

Dr. Neil T. Anderson, founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries and author of Overcoming Depression

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Hope Prevails Bible Study

Tangible help, hope, and healing for depression from someone who’s been there and has come out the other side.

Are you or is someone you love experiencing depression?

In this Bible study companion to Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey through Depression, Dr. Bengtson, a neuropsychologist with over 25 years of experience, shares both her clinical expertise and her own personal journey through depression.

This Bible study can be used as a companion to Hope Prevails or independent study by an individual or is perfect in a small or larger group study. Useful for churches and counseling practices.



“Authentic connections, raw insights, and powerful truths. A great resource for individuals that would be highly beneficial to both church and counseling groups.”

Debbie Kitterman, Founder, Dare 2 Hear Ministry

“Insightful and probing questions. Practical exercises. Easy-to-understand language, with compassion, and wisdom.”

Peg Bradley, Author, The Tree: When Pride Takes a Fall

“Dr. Michelle Bengtson has a gift for sharing her vulnerability through her personal battle with depression. Using her personal and professional experience, Dr. Bengtson bridges the gap between hope and despair for her readers and leads them straight to the heart of God where healing can begin. This Bible study is beautifully crafted as a companion or independent resource to Hope Prevails and is an invaluable resource essential to any library. ”

Donna Hughes

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Great Love Prompts Great Sacrifice: It’s What Love Does

Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you love?
Saying goodbye to my college-aged son was not easy. It hasn’t gotten any easier. Just recently I went to visit him, yet when the time came, it was a very tear-filled goodbye.

After he left, I poured my heart out to the Lord. I’m excited to see what the Lord is doing in and through my son, but my mother’s heart is sad to say goodbye. As I took that before the Lord, He showed me a picture. He reminded me that He had to say goodbye to His son.

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Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

Do you ever struggle with comparison? Do you ever compare yourself with others and then let it impact how you feel about yourself?

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of mentor leaders. It was such an honor and a privilege. They received me and my message warmly, and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

But I have to admit something. As I was sitting there waiting for my opportunity to share what the Lord had put on my heart for them, another speaker was speaking. As the speaker before me spoke, I listened to the words that were being given and I started comparing what the other speaker was sharing with the word I felt like the Lord had given me.

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How to Control Worry, Fear, and Anxiety to Keep Your Peace

I suppose you could call it a professional hazard as a neuropsychologist. I have a tendency to pay attention to what people say, and what people don’t say, what they do, and what they don’t do. I’m always paying attention, and always listening. Sometimes I’ll comment, if people want to know my opinion, but I often just stay silent.

I’ve noticed one of the ways the enemy brings about worry, fear and anxiety so he can steal our peace is through a door we’ve left open. Don’t leave an open door! Fight back against his tactics with these tips.

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