3 Magic Words by Dr. Michelle Bengtson



Internally I felt as chaotic as my surroundings looked on the outside. That tends to happen to me. When life is cluttered, disorganized, and rushed around me, I tend to feel ill-at-ease inside.

After an unexpected move, furniture and boxes piled on top of each other lined the walls of every room in our house.

I was still expected at work, deadlines loomed, and company would arrive soon with hardly a straight path on which to walk.

I felt like I was stranded in an ocean on a raft, madly trying to paddle both sides at once to get to level ground. One after the other, the waves came and threatened to pull me under.

“How would I get it all done? How would I handle it all myself?”

Almost as if I’d whispered those questions aloud, I sensed a quiet answer come from within, “You’re not meant to. My yolk is easy and my burden is light. Give me yours in exchange for mine.”

The tears began to flow as I slumped on the floor, piles all around me. I couldn’t do it alone.

I wasn’t meant to do it alone.

He didn’t expect me to do it alone, and He didn’t give brownie points even if I did.

From around the corner, the sweetest expression of love came in the form of three small words from a young boy, “Can I help?”

While “I love you” warms a heart, “Can I help” is like a gift of love that leaves a tattoo of mercy.

There wasn’t anything specific I had for him to do, but just his gracious offer strengthened me to continue.

The next day, I returned a phone call from a friend. “Hi Friend, I’m just returning your call to see how I can help…” She chuckled before replying, “Oh I didn’t need any help, but it makes me smile to think you were willing to offer help without even knowing what I might need!” It didn’t matter, my heart longed to do anything to help a friend.

Those two encounters replayed over and over in my mind for the next several days.

Being offered help brought me joy.

Helping another brought me joy.

Then the Lord reminded me, as if sharing His own joy,

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40).

God created us to function as part of a body. All parts of the body are necessary for the whole body to function optimally.

We were created for fellowship and to help each other. From the beginning of time, God said it was not good for man to be alone. So he created a helper.

It made me wonder…what would our families, our schools, our jobs, our neighborhoods, our world, be like if when encountering another, our first thought, our underlying attitude, was “How can I help?”

Who can you help today? How do you feel when you give of yourself?

Hope Prevails,

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