My family loves Christmas. I mean LOVES it! For the last several years, our Christmas decorations have come out in October. It started the year my husband was diagnosed and underwent treatment for cancer. A dear friend came to visit to help out. She asked what else she could do and I asked her if she’d help me decorate for the holidays. I wanted the home cheerful while we were going through a difficult time, and I knew that without someone else’s help, decorations were likely to not make it up that year. Ever since, we’ve continued to decorate early. My son plays Christmas carols intermittently throughout the year, but fairly steadily from September or October through the holidays.

While giving gifts is one of my love languages, I have to admit that one of my favorite things on Christmas is our stockings. I don’t need much nor want much in the way of presents, but ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved the little surprises stuffed in the fur capped oversized sock hanging from the mantle.

I’m always in search of the perfect stocking stuffers for my boys, husband, and in-laws. This year I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite finds.

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1. Christian Guitar Picks for music lovers – 6 different phrases (2 each)

Christian guitar picks for music lovers

This is such a fun idea for your guitar playing, music lover. These Christian guitar picks are coated with a scene and popular Bible verses. I’ve never seen anything like them before.


2. Candy Cane Chap Stick

Candy Cane peppermint ChapStick

This two-pack peppermint scented chap stick is perfect for the winter weather, and will remind you of Christmas all winter long.

3. Blue Tooth Beanie Hat

Bluetooth beanie hat

This was a fun stocking stuffer for all my family members. This Bluetooth beanie hat has built in headphones with stereo speakers and a mic. Perfect for men or women, kids or adults. Great for exercising outside or doing yard work during the cooler weather.

4. Motivational Stress Ball Assortment

Motivational stress ball assortment

Sometimes we just need something to occupy our hands or take our mind off the stress for a few moments. This 3-pack of stress relief toys is perfect for kids and adults. Comes in 6 different colors to choose from. Each ball has a motivational saying.

5. 3-in-1 Luggage Scale/Flashlight/Phone Charger

3 in 1 luggage scale, flashlight, phone charger

This is on my list this year! I travel frequently and always wonder whether or not my luggage will be overweight. This particular 3-in-1 device not only tells you how heavy your luggage is, creating worry-free check-in, but when you aren’t using it to weigh your bags, it has a useful flashlight feature to light your way around your hotel room, and a built-in powerbank to charge your phone! Perfect for any traveler on your list!

6. Magnetic Book Marks

Magnetic bookmarks

These magnetic book marks are colorful, re-usable, fun, and functional. They won’t fall out of your book like any ordinary bookmark, and can even help mark the exact spot where you stopped reading by utilizing the arrow line marker at the end of each book mark.

7. Pedicure Set

6 piece essential pedicure set

This 6 piece essential pedicure set comes in a bright festive package. Perfect for men, women, and teens.

8. Airborne Chewable Tablets

Airborne Chewable Tablets Vitamin C immune system supplements

When the winter months, my family and I take a daily dose of Airborne vitamin C immune support supplement, especially when we know we’ll be travelling. Comes in citrus and berry flavors (I prefer the citrus). Also comes in an effervescent form but the chewable variety doesn’t require any beverage.

9. Men’s Premium Necessities Travel Kit

Men's premium necessities travel kit

Sometimes the guys on our list can be hard to find useful stocking stuffers for. I love this men’s premium travel kit because it includes everything from a spare razor and shaving cream to bandaids and deodorant. All items are TSA approved.

10. Lip Scrub

Lip scrub - organic exfoliating sugar scrub

We need to take care of our skin, especially during the winter months. This organic exfoliating sugar scrub exfoliates chapped dry lips, and moisturizes lips. It comes in berry, mint, and vanilla flavors.

11. Set of 4 Brain Teaser Puzzles

Metal brain teaser puzzles - set of 4

My family loves any kind of logic/brain teaser puzzles, and this set of four is perfect for kids and adults. These 4 wire puzzle sets make the ideal stocking stuffer that will keep them busy while Christmas dinner is cooking. Fun for visiting guests as well.

12. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Fizzy bath bomb gift set with organic shea/cocoa

A perfect gift for when all the Christmas dishes are washed and leftovers are put away, would be a luxurious bath made even more enjoyable by one of these set of 6 fizzy bath bombs made with organic shea/cocoa to soothe dry skin.

13. Photo Clips String Lights

Photo clip string lights

Of all my possessions, my photos rank among the most important to me. I love this set of photo clip string lights because they are a festive, inexpensive way to display photos. The string consists of 20 LED clips, is battery powered, and glows with starry twinkle lights. You might even decide you want an extra set or two for yourself!

14. What I Love About You Fill-In Book

What I love about you fill in book

This little fill-in journal is such a sweet stocking stuffer for someone you love. It contains fill-in-the-blank lines for you to describe some aspect of your affection for a loved one. Simple prompts make it easy for you to share why you care. Several other varieties also available (What I Love About Us, What I Love About Being Your Mom, What I Love About Mom, What I Love About Dad, Why I’m Grateful For You).

15. Easy to Read Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauge, digital, easy to read

Great idea not just for the men in your life, but the women too. Helpful to have a digital tire gauge in your car’s glove compartment. Simple to use, and easy to read day or night.

16. Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools

Magnetic wristband for tools - tool helper

I think everyone needs a magnetic wristband tool helper in their toolbox, men and women alike. Have you ever gone to hang a picture, or screw in a screw, only to drop it? This magnetic wristband has super strong magnets to hold nails, screws, washers, etc. making any home repair job just a little easier.

17. Glass Nail File With Case

Glass nail file with case

This nail file is perfect for anyone wanting to tend to their nails at home and achieve a shining manicure. Can be used on natural or acrylic nails. Comes in multiple colors. (Make mine blue or champagne gold).

18. Funny Socks – “If You Can Read This Bring Me Chocolate”

Funny socks: if you can read this, bring me chocolate

Who doesn’t love fun socks? These are perfect for any sock-wearing, chocolate lover on your list! They will be on my list this year for sure! They also have other varieties too.

19. USB Clock Fan

Cool off the writer on your list with this USB clock fan.

For that person who has everything! This USB clock fan plugs right into your computer or any other USB port to cool you off and keep you informed of the time while you work.

20. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Burt's Bees hand repair gift set

This hand repair gift set is made with all natural ingredients, and is perfect for winter. It comes with their Almond Milk Hand Cream (smells divine!), Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, and a pair of cotton gloves.

21. KindNotes Tin Keepsake Gift Box of Messages

Kind Notes: tin keepsake gift box of messages

This box of messages is great for men or women. Includes 31 inspirational messages to cheer anyone’s day, every day for a month or just when they need a bit of encouragement.

22. Little Jar of Big Ideas

Little jar of big ideas for men, women and kids

Such a great idea for the males or females, kids or adults on your list. The little jar of big ideas is the perfect size to share Ten Reasons Why I Love You. Who wouldn’t love finding that in their stocking and then referring back to it throughout the year for a little encouragement?

23. Personalized 30 oz Tumbler with Straw and Lid

Personalized 30 oz tumbler with straw and lid

I love this. Lets you personalize a tumbler for that special person in your life with your own phrase, or logo, quote, or even Bible verse.

24. Personalized Heart Shaped Jig-Saw Puzzle

Personalized heart shaped jigsaw puzzle

Show just how much you love that special someone by printing a custom image on this heart shaped jig-saw puzzle.

25. Oatmeal Milk and Honey Candle

Oatmeal milk and honey soy jar candle

Who doesn’t love a new candle? This 4 oz scented soy jar candle comes in other scents too.

26. OxiClean gel sticks

OxiClean gel sticks for anyone on the go on your list

OxiClean gel sticks are perfect for anyone on the go on your list…men or women, teens or adults. I almost always have one of these in my luggage to handle a new stain before I can get home.

27. Cable Bites

Cable bits to protect your phone charger

Who hasn’t had their charging cable break? And usually at the most inopportune time. These cute cable bites (come in many different varieties) are perfect for preventing the outer part of the cable from breaking, rendering it useless. This is perfect for anyone on your list.

28. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

GLOUE Bluetooth wireless ear buds

I personally prefer as few wires around me to get tangled up in as possible. These are the perfect solution whether I am exercising, washing the dishes, or driving in the car. These Bluetooth wireless earbuds are noise cancelling and have 2 built-in microphones. Perfect for anyone on your list.

29. Round Zipper Key Ring Chain Case

Round zipper key ring chain case

I have one of these and have worn it out, so it’s time to get a new one. This key ring chain case is perfect for keeping your earbuds, change, and even an extra dose of medicine on hand in one small compact case that’s easy to find. You might decide to buy them for multiple people on your list and an extra for you.

30. Waterproof Portable Aluminum Pill Box

Waterproof portable aluminum pill box

We own a couple of these portable pill boxes. They are perfect for stashing a few dollars, or your next medication dosage. They are brightly colored so they are easy to find in your bag, and waterproof so safe to take with you to the beach or camping. They come in a 3-pack or 6-pack.

31. The Story of the Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke

The Story of the Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke

The Story of The Other Wise Man is a beautiful Christmas story about the fourth magi and his journey and sacrifice along the way. Perfect for anyone on your list. In fact, you might want to buy multiple to have on hand.

32. Iota Game

Iota game - perfect for travelling

This is one of my family’s favorite travel games. It’s touted as “the Great Big Game in the Teeny-Weeny Tin.” It won’t take up much room in a stocking, but it will occupy many fun hours together with family and friends!

33. Blink Card Game

Blink - touted as "The World's Fastest Game", perfect for travelling

Blink is one of my family’s favorite travel games, but fun when you have a few minutes around the house too. It’s touted as “The World’s Fastest Game” and literally only takes a few minutes. Perfect for middle-age child to adult, two players. We like to compete against each other in playoffs!

34. Family Tabletopics

Family Tabletopics - conversation starters

These are great family oriented conversation starters. We keep some of these cards in our car glove compartment for when we have to wait a long time at a restaurant, and the rest close to our dinner table at home. It’s fun to see what each other responds. How well do you know your family?

35. Assorted Lindt LINDOR Chocolate Truffles

Lindor chocolates, assorted bag


This is the assorted flavor bag of Lindor chocolate truffles, or you can find the bags of your loved one’s favorite flavor. My favorite is the milk chocolate with sea salt. You really can’t go wrong with Lindor.

Well that list should give you a good start to your stocking shopping. If you have other great ideas, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. I shop for stocking stuffers all year long, and I’m always excited to get new, fun ideas to surprise my family with.

Wishing you and your family a hope-filled holiday season!


35 Best Stocking Stuffers for your spouse, teenagers, and in-laws with new, fun ideas to surprise your family with. #Christmas #stockingstuffers