In a recent post entitled Trust: It’s Not That Complicated, I relayed a conversation I’d had with God about my struggle to trust Him. His overall suggestion to me was that it really wasn’t all that complicated. It was a choice to trust Him or not, believe in Him or not.

Yet, in my humanness, I still struggle. As I’ve been on this journey to trust Him more deeply and more intentionally, I’ve found myself asking the question, “What does that look like?” In His faithfulness, He’s given me clues along the way. I’d like to take the next five days to explore five aspects that I’ve come to realize as essential for trusting Him which coincide with the letters T-R-U-S-T.

The first essential for trusting God is that we T-Take Him at His Word.

In order to trust God, it’s imperative that we believe God will not lie or break His promises.


People make promises but don’t follow through. Then God reminds me, He is not like people – He will not lie. He always keeps his word. Numbers 23:19 Read more for 5 elements of trusting God and learn to trust Him more! #Bible #God #trustGod


Sometimes our trust factor is challenged because of prior experiences when others we trusted have let us down. This is true for me. People make promises but don’t follow through. In my disappointment, my willingness to trust again becomes fractured.

Then God reminds me, He is not like people – He will not lie.

He always keeps his word. “God is not like people, who lie; He is not a human who changes his mind. Whatever he promises, he does; He speaks, and it is done” (Numbers 23:19 GNT).

As such, He can always be trusted.

Will you take Him at His word today?

T – Take Him at His word.

R – Rest in His Presence.

U – Understand the Outcome Doesn’t Depend on Me.

S – Accept That God Is Sovereign.

T – Testimony of Others and My Own Previous Experiences

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