Because so many have asked about some of my suggestions of the best gifts for writers, I’ve given you some of my top recommendations below. (Updated with additional items for 2019)

In a few of my previous posts, I shared some of my top suggestions to help with your holiday gift giving. I shared some of my favorite books from the past year, my best stocking stuffer suggestions for teens, adults and in-laws, as well as gifts that are sure to please for the special someone on your list. But we’re getting down to the wire now. Still in need of the perfect gift for your writer friends on your list? As an author, and one who has many writer friends, I decided to offer you some of my top recommendations for the best gifts for writers.

And can I just share a little secret? The absolute best gift for an author is an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other book retailer. That’s what I’d love for Christmas—to know what readers have thought of my books, and how the words God has given me have impacted them, but also as a way for others who are searching for that perfect book to have the opportunity through your reviews to decide if my books are right for them.

(There are affiliate links in this post, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you)).

But because so many have asked about some of my favorite gifts for writers, I’ve given you some of my top recommendations below.


1. Perfect Card for Writers

Best card for writers - PopLife typewriter

While the impetus for this list was holiday gift giving, I couldn’t resist sharing this perfect birthday card for writers. It’ll be sure to please your favorite writer! Buy it from Amazon

2. I am Either Writing or Thinking about it PopSockets Grip and Stand

Popsockets grip and stand for writers

Let’s face it…as writers, we often scroll our phones and tablets for information and need them at the ready. This little grip and stand is so convenient and cute while practical. Buy it from Amazon

3. Out of Print Literary Book Themed Unisex Socks

Out of Print Literary Book Themed Unisex Socks

As a fun sock fan, these caught my eye. In all different colors and styles, you’re sure to find a pair that will please all the writers, readers, book lovers, and bibliophiles on your shopping list. Buy it from Amazon

4. Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

Aqua Notes Waterproof Note Pad

Have you ever had that “perfect idea,” stroke of genius, or even remembered something you didn’t want to forget while you were in the shower? Here’s your answer: the water proof note pad that hangs in your shower and lets you jot down a note before you even dry off. Perfect idea for everyone on your list from writers to busy moms to executives on the go. Buy it on Amazon

5. Uchida Le Pens

Ucheda le pens best gift for writers and authors

I’ll admit I’m a bit biased here, but this is one of my favorite pens in my favorite color. Perfect for signing books for ready readers. Buy it from Amazon

6. Zebra Pen Mildliner, Double Ended Highlighters

Zebra pen highlighters make the perfect gift for a writer or author.

I highlight different things in different colors depending on the project, the theme, the importance to me, etc. I love this set of 15 assorted color highlighters with both broad and fine tips. Hmmm…might have to put this on my wish list again this year! Buy it from Amazon

7. Gel Highlighters

Sharpie gel highlighters 4 pack of yellow

I’m always highlighting, but what I like about these particular highlighters is that they don’t bleed through the pages which is particularly important to me when I’m highlighting on thin paper like most translations of the Bible or some other text. Buy it from Amazon

8. BIC Velocity Pens

Smooth gliding pens are perfect for the writer or author on your shopping list.

These are some of my favorite pens. I especially love the teal color. These pens glide so smoothly. They are great for taking notes or signing books to your favorite reader. Buy it from Amazon

9. 1200 Piece Sticky Tabs, Flags, and Notes

Help your writer keep organized with this 1200 piece sticky tab collection.

I can never have too many sticky tabs, flags, and notes. They help keep my writing projects organized, make it easy to find things of importance that I have read, and make it easy to reference important tasks in my planner. Buy it from Amazon

10. Erin Condren 2019-2020 18-Month Planner

Erin Condren 2019-2020 18 month life planner



This is one of my favorite planners. It doesn’t matter how you best like to organize your schedule on paper, this spiral planner will let you do it. You can see both a month at a glance, and separately, a week at a glance, with plenty of room for additional notes. Buy it from Amazon

11. Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

This dry erase board helps writers plan, organize and keep track of details.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I use my dry erase board to help me brainstorm, plan, organize, and keep track of details when I’m writing. If I had room on my wall, I’d get a second one. Buy it from Amazon

12. Post-It Easel Pad

Keep all your sticky notes organized and easily move them around with this post it easel.

While I love my dry erase white board, I make use of these large sticky easel pads when I’m writing away from home and I want to keep all my pertinent thoughts in ready view. When I use this with small post it notes, I can move thoughts around until I find the perfect order. Buy it from Amazon

13. Vintage Wax Seal Stamp Set

Indulge the writer on your list with this wax seal stamp kit.

This is one of those gifts that your writer friends will not likely indulge in for themselves but spoils them just a little while giving them their own sense of flair. You can find them with initials, symbols, or various characters. Buy it from Amazon

14. Keep Calm & Write On Christmas Snowflake Porcelain Ornament

This Christmas ornament reminds the writer to keep calm and write on!

This is one of those Christmas gifts that your writer friend will be proud to display all year through because it will encourage them to stay the course. I don’t have one (yet), but I love it! Buy it from Amazon

15. Vintage Typewriter Blown Glass Ornament

Vintage typewriter blown glass ornament for the writer or author in your life.

There is just something about vintage typewriters that so many writers love. Take the love of writing, pair it with a vintage typewriter for a beautiful Christmas ornament for any writer. Buy it from Amazon

16. Just Write Antique Typewriter Luggage Tag – set of 2

Just Write antique typewriter luggage tags are the perfect gift for writers.

Whether your writer is traveling to attend a writer’s conference or to research for their next book, they will be proud to display these luggage tags on their baggage as a reminder to keep the course and “just write.” Buy it from Amazon

17. The Writer’s Toolbox

Creative games and exercises to inspire the writer.

This was gifted to me many years ago. The writer’s toolbox is a box full of creative games and exercises to inspire a focus on writing using the right side of their brain. Fun, whimsical, and creative all in one. Buy it from Amazon

18. Leather Bound Journal/Notebook for Men and Women

Leather bound journal notebook is great for men or women writers.

This is one of those items that is not just for the writer on your list. But writers are always jotting notes as thoughts hit them. Better for them to have a beautiful leather bound journal/notebook than hope they don’t misplace those napkins or scraps of paper. Buy it from Amazon

19. A Line a Day Journal: 5 year Memory Book

Don't forget the significant things in life - write about them one line a day.

I have one of these and love it. For those of us who feel like it’s onerous to journal every day, but don’t want to forget the significant things that happen in life, this journal is perfect. It’s simply meant for you to write a single line about your day, and is big enough to hold five years worth of memories. Buy it from Amazon

20. 5-Piece Typewriter Coaster Set (a personal favorite of mine!)

A unique and creative coaster set for writers and authors.

You already know I have an affinity for all things vintage typewriter. Well this coaster set has to be about the most creative set I’ve ever seen. The coasters are designed to look like typewriter keys, and are held in a base that resembles the outer casing of a vintage typewriter. This is going on my list this year! Buy it from Amazon

21. Typewriter Pencil Cup

A pencil cup shaped like a typewriter for all the pencils, pens and highlighters a writer hoardes.

Are you catching the hint that I’m enamored with vintage typewriters? Every writer hoards pens, pencils, and highlighters, but then we need a place to put them. Where better than in a miniature typewriter? Buy it from Amazon

22. Writer Facts Storyteller Nutrition Information T-Shirt

A T-shirt with writer facts and storyteller information

I thought I had seen all the clever writer t-shirts out there, but I was mistaken. This has got to be one of my new favorites. It’ll be going on my wish list! If your writer ever questions what s/he is made of, this should answer it. Buy it from Amazon

23. Writing is my Superpower T-Shirt

Writing is my superpower T-shirt tells the world you're a writer.

Another one of my favorites. I’m no WonderWoman or SuperGirl, but I am a writer. That’s my superpower and I’m sticking with it. This is another one to add to my list. Buy it from Amazon

24. Author Heartbeat T-Shirt

This Tshirt makes the perfect gift because writing is what makes a writer's heart beat.

Another one of my favorites. Let me spend time writing and you’ll soon know what makes my heart beat. Crafting words to impact and encourage others keeps my heart beating. This just may have to go on my list as well. Buy it from Amazon

25. I Am A Writer -Fun Writer’s T-Shirt

A Tshirt to warn the world that anything you say or do may be in a story.

Your writer should wear this to warn the world that anything said or done in their presence could be used in a story. Buy it from Amazon

26. Writer Cap

An adjustable closure ballcap makes the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

We all wear different hats in life: spouse, parent, friend, cheerleader, etc. Just to remind your writer that their calling is equally as important, gift them with this adjustable closure baseball cap. I’ll take mine in white, please. Buy it from Amazon

27. I’d Rather be Writing Cuff Bracelet

I'd rather be writing silver colored cuff bracelet

I love this simple cuff bracelet that expresses the heart of every writer. Simple yet stately. Buy it from Amazon

28. Sense and Sensibility Book Scarf

A gift for the writer that pairs all things written with fashion in this Sense and Sensibility book scarf.

What a fun way to pair an author’s love of all things written with fashion. Other classic designs available too. Buy it from Amazon

29. I Carry Your Heart Writing Gloves

Fingerless gloves are perfect for the writer on your shopping list.

These fingerless gloves are perfect for the writer on your list. They feature the text from E. E. Cummings’s classic poem. Other designs also available. Buy it from Amazon

30. Do Not Disturb Writer at Work Doorknob Sign

Do Not Disturb - Writer at Work doorknob sign for the writer on your list.

One of the worst things for a writer is to get interrupted when they’ve finally gotten into the writing flow. This sign is a gentle but effective reminder to not disturb the writer who is hard at work. Would make a great stocking stuffer! And you know I want one because it’s beautifully decorated with a good old antique typewriter. Buy it from Amazon

31. Feather Quill Calligraphy Pen and Ink Set

Quill and calligraphy pen with ink for the writer or author on your gift list.

Anything worth writing is worth writing beautifully. This feather quill pen and ink set is sure to please the historical writer who wants to add a beautiful flair to their work. Buy it from Amazon

32. Born to Write Key Chain

Affirm the writer on your Christmas list with this encouraging message - they were Born to Write Key Chain.

I’ve been looking for the perfect key chain, and I’ve finally found it. Most writers will ensure you that they were “Born to Write.” Affirm them with this encouraging message. Another great stocking stuffer! Buy it from Amazon

33. Magnetic Poetry Kit

This magnetic poetry kit is not just for writers! Rearrange words on the refrigerator.

My family enjoyed a similar version of this magnetic poetry kit, as we rearranged words on the refrigerator for endless fun. It’s not just for writers. Buy it from Amazon

34. “I’m silently correcting you’re your grammar” Coffee Mug

A mug for the writer who is always correcting everyone's grammar.

For the writer who is always correcting everyone else’s grammar, this is the perfect mug. Buy it from Amazon

35. It’s a Good Day to Write Coffee Mug

A coffee mug gift to remind the writer that every day is a good day to write.

I absolutely LOVE this mug. Every day is a good day to write. Sometimes we just need the visual encouragement. Buy it from Amazon

36. Team Oxford Comma Coffee Mug

This great gift will bring a smile to your writer's face - to use or not use the Oxford comma.

To use the oxford comma or not use it, that’s always a point of debate. This mug will be sure to bring a humorous smile to your writer’s face. Buy it from Amazon

37. Writer (noun) = a person capable of transforming caffeine into books. Coffee Mug

A great gift for writer's who transform caffeine into books.

Another perfect gift for a writer! We do transform caffeine into books. Buy it from Amazon

38. “Writer Powered by Chocolate” Mug

Writer powered by chocolate coffee mug is the perfect gift for a writer.

I LOVE this mug! It’s so true. Many a writer are fueled by chocolate or coffee or both. Pair this with some chocolate for the win! Buy it from Amazon

39. Writer’s Block Travel Mug

Humorous 16 oz stainless steel travel mug is a perfect gift for the writer on your shopping list.

Love this humorous 16 oz. stainless steel travel mug for keeping coffee warm when your writer is in the writing flow. Might have to add this one to my list as well. Buy it from Amazon

40. #Writer Water Bottle

Writer stainless steel water bottle


Love this 20 oz stainless steel water bottle. Perfect for keeping your writer’s favorite cold beverage cold while they stay focused on getting their words on paper. Buy it from Amazon

41. Vintage Typewriter Key Cuff Links

Vintage typewriter key cufflinks

Looking for a gift for the male writer on your list? How about a set of cuff links fashioned in the form of vintage typewriter keys. Buy it from Amazon

42. “Just Write” Antique Typewriter Writer Author Novelty Earrings

Cute novelty earrings for the female writer on your gift list.

Cute novelty earrings for the female writer on your list. Buy it from Amazon

43. Earnest Hemingway Writer’s Quote Plaque

Encourage your favorite writer with this Ernest Hemingway quote plaque as a gift.

“There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Truer words were never spoken about the craft of writing. Fun idea to encourage your favorite writer. Buy it from Amazon

44. Writer’s Keep Calm Plaque

Humorous plaque for the writer on your shopping list: Keep calm and proofread carefully.

Proofreading is essential for the best of writers. Humorous plaque for your writer: “Keep Clam & Proofread Carefully” in multiple colors and 5 sizes. Buy it from Amazon

45. The Writer’s Block

Writer's Block paper with 786 ways to jumpstart the writer's imagination.

786 ways to jumpstart the writer’s imagination fashioned in the shape of an actual 3x3x3” block of 672 pages and over 200 photographs. Makes a great stocking stuffer. Buy it from Amazon

46. Writer’s Clock

10" decorator wall clock depicting the writing process - a gift for the writer on your list.

Just in case your writer doesn’t know what to do next, this 10” decorative wall clock replaces numbers with the words “write,” “revise,” “write,” “edit,” “panic” reflective of the tension involved in the writing process. Buy it from Amazon

47. Padded Lap Desk

A padded lap desk for the mobile writer.

This padded lap desk is perfect for the mobile writer who likes to work with their research or laptop computer on their lap. Big enough to fit a 15” laptop. Has two pockets to hold pencils or pens, and even your cell phone. Comes in multiple colors. Buy it from Amazon

48. Wall Hanging

Wall hanging plaque

Inspirational wall hanging for writers: “If you can’t find the book you want to read, Write it!” It just might be the encouragement the writer you know needs to keep going. Buy it from Amazon

49. Huggaroo Microwavable Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Microwavable heating pad to relieve pain and stress for the writer on your list.

Spending time hunched over a keyboard for hours on end can sure create havoc with your neck and shoulders. This microwavable heating pad fits snuggly up to your neck and over your shoulders for pain and stress relief. Buy it from Amazon

50. Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones with Built-In Mic

Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones with mic are the perfect solution for the writer needing to block out noise.

I have a hard time writing in places where there is distracting noise. These Bluetooth wireless headphones are the perfect solution for blocking out noise. They are comfortable over the ear, have a built in mic, and can be wired to use with pc/cell phones. Buy it from Amazon

51. Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig single serve coffee maker is a hit for any writer on your Christmas list.

I don’t know a single writer who doesn’t love to start their day with a good cup of warm caffeinated beverage. This Keurig single serve k-cup pod coffee maker is perfect for the office. It brews up to 12 oz at a time, can be adjusted for desired strength and temperature, and is programmable. Sure to be a hit with any writer! Buy it from Amazon

52. Keurig Coffee Lover’s K-Cup Variety Pack

Make sure your writer is never without inspiration or caffeine with this 40 count k-cup variety pack of coffee.

This 40-count single-serve K-cup coffee sampler is perfect for your coffee loving, Keurig using writer. Help make sure they’re never out of inspiration and caffeination. Buy it from Amazon

53. Ideal Lighting with Night Setting

This light is an ideal gift for the writer who spends hours in front of the computer screen.

Ideal gift for your writer who spends hours in front of a computer screen, causing eye strain. This desk lamp comes with a USB charging port to keep their devices charged while writing, and is equipped with 5 color temperatures, 5 brighteness levels, a night light mode, and timer. This will be on my list for sure. But it from Amazon

54. Writer Stainless Steel & Pewter Bracelet

A stainless steel and pewter writing-themed bracelet is the perfect gift for any writer on your list.

I have never seen a writing-themed bracelet as pretty as this stainless steel and pewter charm bracelet that comes sized from XS-XL. It’d be a treasured gift for any female writer. Buy it from Amazon

55. USB Clock Fan

Cool off the writer on your list with this USB clock fan.

For that writer who has everything! This USB clock fan plugs right into your computer or any other USB port to cool you off and keep you informed of the time while you work. Buy it from Amazon

56. 2 in 1 Digital Voice Recording Device & Flashdrive

A digital voice recording device helps writers never miss another genius thought again.

So often we, as writers, think of the perfect line or perfect paragraph but are somewhere we can’t conveniently write it down, and we forget by the time we get to pad and paper. This audio digital voice recording device helps solve that problem so that we never miss a genius thought again. I like this particular device because you can record while it’s charging. It comes with 2 lanyards and 2 free eBooks. Buy it from Amazon

57. Dragon Naturally Speaking Transcription Software

Give your write the gift of efficiency with the Dragon transcription software.

If you want to help your writer go to the next level of efficiency, this Dragon Naturally Speaking Transcription Software will automatically transcribe for them the words they dictate, saving them precious time. Great idea for your student or executive too! Buy it from Amazon

58. Godiva Chocolate

Godiva Chocolate - a gift for the writer who has everything.

For that writer who has everything, who can go wrong with GODIVA chocolate? My favorite is their white chocolate. Whichever you choose, I can almost guarantee it will be appreciated. Buy it from Amazon

59. Starbucks Gift Card

Writers are fueled by caffeine so Starbucks' gift cards make the perfect gift.

I love waking up and having that first cup of smooth coffee before my day gets started. But sometimes I need to pack up my computer, leave my desk, and write for a while in a coffee shop. It’s a bonus day when I don’t have to buy my own favorite caffeinated beverage. This is one of those gifts I don’t think you can go wrong with. You just might decide to pick one up for yourself. Buy it from Amazon

60. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are great gifts for writers and authors

Isn’t this a great gift for just about anyone? Sometimes we don’t know what others have, want, or need. This lets them choose the perfect gift, and it guarantees a return won’t be necessary! Buy it from Amazon

61. App Store & iTunes Gift Card

App Store and iTunes gift cards are great gifts for writers and authors

I’m always finding out about the newest, latest and greatest app I must have, or wanting to download new music or podcasts to listen to while I write, but I rarely want to indulge for myself. This lets that special someone choose their own. Buy it from Amazon

I’d love to hear any other ideas you have, or maybe special gifts you have received, in the comments below!

May you be blessed as you bless others.


As an author, and one who has many writer friends, I curated this list of my top recommendations for the best gifts for writers. These great gifts are unique, practical and useful. Good for Christmas and all throughout the year. #Christmas #gifts

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