As an author, and one who has many writer friends, I wanted to offer you some of my top recommendations for the reader and writer on your Christmas list. I have carefully curated this list of 50 perfect gifts and hope you find that perfect gift for those who may be hard to buy for!

May I just share a little secret? The absolute best gift for an author is an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other book retailer. That’s what I’d love for Christmas—to know what readers have thought of my books, and how the words God has given me have impacted them, but also as a way for others who are searching for that perfect book to have the opportunity through your reviews to decide if my books are right for them.

I’ve also created some other fabulous Christmas gift posts that you may find helpful. My family loves stockings almost more than the gifts under the Christmas tree, so in a previous post, I gave you some of my best stocking stuffer suggestions (50 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens, Adults & In-Laws). Next week, I’ll share suggestions for the book lover on your list from my list of most recent favorite books. And, a list I created last year of Christmas gift favorites is still popular (61 Great Christmas Gifts for 2021 that You Can Find on Amazon.)

Because so many have asked about some of my favorite gifts for writers, I’ve given you some of my top recommendations below.

(When you use the links included here to purchase any of these items, as an affiliate, I will receive a small bonus without any additional cost to you. Win-Win!)


1. The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition


Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is a classic writer’s manual. Now in its fourth edition, it’s as valuable today as it was when it first came off the printing press. Buy on Amazon


2. You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)


Most writers I know have at some time struggled with the imposter syndrome. Am I a writer? Do I have what it takes? In his bestselling book, You Are a Writer, Jeff Goins suggests you are a writer; you just need to start acting like one. He shares his own story of self-doubt and how he dealt with it, in order to encourage you on your journey. Buy on Amazon


3. Give the Gift of a Good Day


Today is Going to be a Good Day: 90 Promises from God to Start Your Day Off Right by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

What we focus on grows. So, when our feelings or our circumstances take us down the negativity rabbit hole, our perception of our whole day becomes darkened. Yet, when we train our brains to focus on the truth of God’s character and His promises, our perspective of our day changes and any day can be a good day. This book was birthed out of an extremely painful time in my life when I needed a reason to go on, and I needed something to cling to. One by one, I clung on to God’s promises, I began to rise above my devastating circumstances, and you can too. Today is Going to be a Good Day: 90 Promises From God to Start Your Day Off Right helps start your day on a positive note to carry you through the rest of the day. On sale for great price at Baker Publishing or Buy on Amazon


4. OttLite LED Soft Touch Desk Lamp


Is your favorite reader or writer struggling with eye fatigue? It may be their lighting. Consider gifting them this OttLight with a touch-sensitive switch that allows them to easily switch between three different brightness levels to continue their literary pursuits with less fatigue. Buy on Amazon


5. Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker


I have yet to meet a reader or writer who doesn’t love their coffee. Cold Brew is still fairly new on the scene but this mason jar iced coffee maker makes cold brew easy at home. The handle makes pouring easy. Buy on Amazon


6. French Press Coffee and Tea Maker


For the writer or reader who prefers hot coffee, consider getting them this stainless steel heat resistant glass French press coffee and tea maker. While my husband isn’t a writer, he is a reader and he loves his dark coffee. This was one of his favorite gifts this years. Buy on Amazon


7. Happy Holidays Skinny Gourmet Coffee Syrups


If you’re a coffee lover like me, and yet you’re trying to watch your sugar intake, enter Jordan’s Skinny Syrups to the rescue. All the flavor but NONE of the sugar or calories. This holiday set with peppermint bark, Christmas cookie, and salted caramel mocha is my favorite collection. Put one in each stocking you’re gifting for, or treat yourself! Buy on Amazon


8. Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia Coffee Variety Pack


For anyone who loves their morning java but likes to add a little sweet flavoring, I’ve got just the thing. Can’t decide whether to add vanilla, chocolate, or caramel? Then give this variety pack a try. Add all three to one stocking or divide them among three stockings! Buy on Amazon


9. 2023 8.5X11 Tabbed Appointment Book and Planner


This has become my favorite annual planner because it’s not only pretty but functional as a daily, hourly, weekly planner with 15-minute time slots for recording all business and personal appointments. Buy on Amazon


10. 12-pack Flourescent Yellow Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighter


These are my favorite highlighters because they don’t bleed through thin paper, like Bibles. These go in my guys’ stockings every year, and I buy a box for myself while I’m at it! Buy on Amazon


11. Christian Writers Market Guide


This is a perfect gift for any writer, as a comprehensive resource for getting published, whether your goal is article writing or book publishing, or any kind of writing in between. Buy on Amazon


12. Adult Coloring Book


Sometimes the stress of writing, crafting the perfect phrases on the page, can stall our creative process. Research has found that doing something creative, like coloring, can reduce stress, help one relax, and resume other creative pursuits. Add in some beautiful colored pencils and your writer or reader friend will thank you. Buy on Amazon


13. Colored Pencils Set with Canvas Wrap


There’s something so satisfying about writing or doodling on the page in color, that every creative needs a good set of colored pencils at the ready. This particular set includes 50 colored pencils, a canvas wrap, a pencil sharpener, and a pencil extender. Buy on Amazon


14. Stylus Pen for tablets, phones, or other digital devices


This stylus pen has a 2 in 1 design with an open-end disc for handwriting on one end, and a durable fiber tip on the other end for scrolling. Buy on Amazon


15. Travel Tea Set Teapot with Ceramic Infuser and 2 Teacups


Coupled with a nice, flavorful tea, this travel tea set is perfect for any tea lover on your list who likes to hole up in a cozy spot and read or write the latest best-selling work! Buy on Amazon


16. TUL Limited Edition Metallic Retractable Gel Pens


An author friend introduced me to the TUL brand pens. I love this limited edition set. Not only is the ink pretty and metallic for that extra flair, but the outer barrel if each is gorgeous! These add a little happy into any writing session. Buy on Amazon


17. Metal Stencil Bookmark


Many of my author friends tell me that once they began bullet journaling, they never went back to a traditional journal. When I bought my first bullet journal, I also got this great stencil bookmark specifically made for bullet journaling, but have found many other uses! Buy on Amazon


18. Rimless Round Unisex Readers


Every writer needs to be able to read and see the words they put on the page. As I’ve aged, I’ve needed more assistance in that regard. I absolutely love these rimless unisex readers. They come in lots of colors and magnification strengths. Buy on Amazon


19. Out of Print Literary and Book-Themed Socks


These out of print literary and book-themes socks are great for all writers, book lovers, readers, and bibliophiles on your Christmas list! There are many varieties to choose from, ranging from banned books to The Great Gatsby. You’re sure to find the perfect pair for that special someone on your list. Buy on Amazon


20. Self Defense Siren Keychain


This self-defense siren keychain is perfect for all the writers on your shopping list who like to stay late at the library or coffee shop. What could be better than giving the gift of safety? This lightweight device attaches to your keychain, has an alarm and strobe light, and runs on the two batteries included in the package. Nine colors to choose from. Buy on Amazon


21. Carbon ScreenKlean Tablet Screen Cleaner


This durable carbon microfiber technology helps keep phones, tablets, and computer screens clean without harsh, damaging solvents. One swipe not only leaves screens crystal clear, but also germ-free! Buy on Amazon


22. TheraICE Headache Relief Hat


Know a reader or writer on your list who struggles with tension, sinus, stress, or migraine headaches? Then this form-fitting, cold compression headache relief cap may be the best gift you gift them to allow them to continue reading or writing, only pain-free. Buy on Amazon


23. Soul Care for Writers


In her book, Soul Care for Writers, Edie Melson offers solutions using devotions, prayers, and opportunities for creative expression to tend to your soul when you’re weary from the craft. And maybe you’ll experience the joy of seeing God’s power flow through your creativity! Buy on Amazon


24. Travel Foam Neck Pillow


This makes a great gift for the reader or writer on your list who like to continue their reading or writing pursuits while traveling but need to minimize the neck strain. This lightweight foam neck pillow offers comfortable support for resting when traveling by car or airplane, or even within the home for additional neck support. Buy on Amazon


25. Microwavable Neck and Shoulder Wrap


This heat therapy is a wonderful way to deliver moist heat to your neck and shoulders helps relieve pain and stress. Buy on Amazon


26. Waterproof Wireless Speaker


This was one of my favorite gifts from a couple years ago, and since I continue to use it absolutely every single day, I had to share it with you this year. This portable wireless waterproof speaker is perfect for taking your tunes or favorite podcast with you while you get ready in the shower or bathroom every morning, or for using while working at your desk. Also perfect for camping trips or on the boat or kayak. Buy on Amazon


27. Apple Airpods


These were given to me over a year ago, and not a single day has gone by when I didn’t use them! They are perfect for exercising, or just listening in a crowded place. I use mine whether I’m outside walking or writing in a noisy coffee shop. Buy on Amazon


28. Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad


Do you ever find that you get the best ideas when you aren’t concentrating on getting creative ideas? Like when you’re in the shower? That’s when Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad comes in handy, so you never forget those great ideas again! Buy on Amazon


29. Noise Cancelling Headphones


Noise can disrupt even the most focused reader or writer. These active noise cancelling headphones are wireless over the ear Bluetooth headphones that are comfortable on the ear, and perfect for home or travel to minimize the distraction from noises around you. Buy on Amazon


30. Writers Mug


“I Write. What’s your superpower?” mug is a great gift for any writer friend. It’s cute, funny, and reminds them on the days that they most doubt themselves that they are, in fact, a writer! Buy on Amazon


31. Write On T-Shirt


Writing days are those when I don’t worry about hair and makeup. Comfort is key. This t-shirt is both comfortable and fun, perfect for a day at the computer. Buy on Amazon


32. Metal Feather Bookmark


Every book needs its own bookmark to keep your place. This metal feather bookmark makes a beautiful gift for teachers, librarians, readers and writers on your list! Perfect size for a stocking stuffer too! Buy on Amazon


33. The Perfect Way to Overcome Writer’s Block


We’ve all been there…we had the perfect way to express ourselves when we were in the shower or driving around town, but sitting in front of the keyboard writer’s block hits. The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jumpstart Your Imagination is the answer to help get those creative juices flowing again! Buy on Amazon


34. Creative Writer/Author Keychain


This is the perfect keychain for every writer/author/novelist on your list. Comes in two different styles but both share the same encouraging sentiment. Buy on Amazon


35. Do Not Disturb Writer at Work Door Knob Sign


When we get accustomed to working from home, it can become easy to walk in and converse on the spot. But that just might disrupt the flow of your favorite writer. That’s when this handy Do Not Disturb Writer at Work door knob hanger sign will come in handy. Buy on Amazon


36. Antique Quill Pen Set with Wax Seal Stamp


This antique quill pen set with six nibs, one bottle of ink, one wax seal stamp, one sealing wax, and a pen holder will be sure to please any writer on your list. Buy on Amazon


37. Bookshelf Heart Tumbler Cup with Lid


Every reader and writer on your list will fall in love with this bookshelf heart tumbler cup with lid that’s perfect for keeping their hot coffee hot and their iced coffee cold. Buy on Amazon


38. Vintage Typewriter Pendant Necklace


I absolutely love this necklace and may have to put it on my own list this year. This vintage typewriter pendant necklace makes a special gift for the female readers and writers on your gift list! Buy on Amazon


39. Novel Teas


This set of novel teas contains 25 individually tagged teabags made from English Breakfast tea with literary quotes from around the world. Great for any reader or writer on your list who enjoys a good cuppa tea! Buy on Amazon


40. Bamboo Lap Desk


This bamboo lap desk with mouse pad tray is a lovely gift for the readers and writers on your list who love to work from home on the sofa or bed. It has folding and adjustable legs and spots for a laptop, tablet, or phone. It offers ergonomic positioning for comfortable use. Buy on Amazon


41. Library Due Date Coaster Set


This four-piece vintage library due date coaster set brings a great sense of nostalgia to any room. Paired with a great mug, they make a thoughtful gift for book lovers and writers! Buy on Amazon


42. Future Author Christmas Ornament


These great Christmas ornaments are perfect for the writer/author on your list. Custom name and year provided to personalize for that special someone. Buy on Amazon


43. Book Stack Earrings


These earrings are the perfect amount of whimsy for the reader, writer, librarian on your list. Buy on Amazon


44. Reading/Writing Sticker Pack


Stickers are all the rage now. On laptops, water bottles, notebooks and more. This set of 20 waterproof vinyl stickers is great for anyone who loves to read or write and spice up their accessories with a cute sticker or two. Buy on Amazon

45. 5,000 Writing Prompts


Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of writing. But with these 5,000 writing prompts, this must-have resource will be of great use for novelists, short story writers, screenwriters, bloggers, memoir writers, actors, and other creatives! Buy on Amazon


46. Bookshelf Infinity Scarf


This bookshelf infinity scarf is not only beautiful but functional and great for keeping the draft off your neck while reading or writing. It comes in a beautiful gray or more traditional colorful pastel colors. Buy on Amazon


47. Whimsical Library Due Date Blank Notecard Set


This blank notecard set will bring the nostalgia of days spent wandering the aisles of the library. Your personalized note inside will be sure to bring a smile to anyone you send these to. Buy on Amazon


48. Retro Brown Laptop Messenger Bag


This is a beautiful retro messenger crossbody travel bag for men or women. It’s roomy enough for a laptop, notebooks, a book or two, and your noise cancelling headphones. Buy on Amazon


49. Makeup Bag for Writers


I love this canvas waterproof zippered pouch that reminds all writers of the fairly normal stages of writing any next great work! Buy on Amazon


50. Bullet Dotted Journal


Bullet journaling seems to be all the rage now, especially amongst my author friends. While I am slow to the party (I’m usually the last one to most new fads), I bought a dotted bullet journal and love it. This one is the perfect size with 251 numbered pages of dotted paper, an index, bookmarks, and an inner pocket. Comes in a wide variety of colors. Buy on Amazon


I’d love to hear any other ideas you have, or maybe special gifts you have received, in the comments below!

May you be blessed as you bless others.




As an author with many writer friends, I've curated a list of 50 perfect gifts for the Writers and Readers on your Christmas list. These thoughtful and unique gift ideas make gift buying a breeze.