Does life ever go in a direction you didn’t expect, anticipate, or want it to go? Do things ever happen that you would prefer to keep hidden, secret, and not talk about? A recent guest on Your Hope Filled Perspective podcast, Carol Chisholm, and I were talking about that. If you missed the episode, you can listen here [Alopecia: We Are Not Defined by Physical Flaws and Imperfections – Episode 111]. Carol learned both the benefit and the joy of surrendering to God in just one act of obedience. I asked her to share more about that here.

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Just One Act of Obedience
By Carol Chisholm

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles resulting in hair loss and, in many cases, baldness. It can occur at any age, although there is never a good time for it to strike your life. Newly married and on an extended honeymoon in Europe compliments of the United States Air Force, my husband and I welcomed our first child. Life was going great, until nine months after giving birth, I began losing my hair. My happiness soon turned to depression sending me into a downward spiral. At the time, I never imagined that a simple act of obedience would bring renewed life.

I only shared my condition with a few family members and close friends, but never exposed my baldness. Alopecia had me so bound that I would not allow my husband or children to see me uncovered. Even in the privacy of my home, I wore a wig or scarf 24 hours of the day. Then a couple of years ago, the thought came to me to just go free from the bondage I had carried for so many years. What? Reveal to the world that I am bald? This didn’t make sense. I was already ashamed and humiliated. Why would I add insult to injury by showing my baldness?

Obeying God no matter the cost

I talked to my husband and children about it. They pledged their support and encouraged me to let it go. It’s easier to do what you lack the strength to do when you have support of family and friends. Just when I mustered up the courage, I became fearful and rejected the idea. Obedience can be difficult when it goes against reason.

The following year the same thought occurred during prayer. My daily prayer is for God to receive glory in my life. As soon as I said that prayer, He spoke to me and said, “How can I get glory, if they never know your struggle”?

Convicted, I immediately knew the thought I had a year ago was actually the voice of the Lord. This time there was no delay, no consulting with my family. I just did it. I shaved what little hair I had left. I was finally willing to obey, regardless of my feelings or the ridicule I may face. The Bible says, “If you’ll willingly obey, you’ll feast like kings” (Isaiah 1:19, MSG). I have done things I would have never imagined. I have received opportunities that I never thought possible. It has been such a blessing to just accept my reality and walk in obedience.

Abraham’s act of obedience

I imagine that Abraham’s prayer was similar to mine. In Genesis 22, he heard a voice, but unlike me, Abraham recognized it was God. His instructions from God went beyond human reasoning.

“Sacrifice your son, Isaac;” without hesitation, Abraham obeyed.

He did not consult with Sarah.

He did not consider the sorrow he would experience if he killed his son.

He just obeyed.

Oh the agony and despair he undoubtedly felt when God showed him the place where he was to sacrifice Isaac. Had Abraham succeeded in sacrificing Isaac, the son of promise, he would have aborted the plan God had for his life, to be the father of many nations. Abraham’s faith in God, led him to obey. His one act of obedience affected the lives of many.

One act of obedience can make a big difference

God knows exactly what He is doing. He knew He was going to provide a ram for Abraham to sacrifice. He just wanted to see if Abraham would obey Him at all cost. Maybe God is asking a hard thing of you. One of the most difficult things for me to do was to expose myself and show everyone that I am bald, but I trusted God. I trusted His word. I encourage you to trust that God has a plan and purpose for your life. Your one act of obedience can make the difference in someone’s life.

In what way is God calling you to obey? How has God honored your obedience to Him in the past? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

About Carol Chisolm

Carol ChisolmCarol is a school teacher, but has a passion for ministry. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, and author, who currently lives in Melbourne, Florida. She calls herself a survivor after suffering many years with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that results in hair loss. She coined the phrase “I have alopecia, but it doesn’t have me” to remind her that her identity is in Christ and not a reflection in the mirror. She has a real passion for helping others realize we not defined by our imperfections and flaws, but that God wonderfully makes us. Carol’s latest single, “Wonderfully Made” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music. You can also follow her on Facebook every Wednesday for “Wednesday Worship” and for her upcoming show “One-derfully Made”, which will broadcast live every Tuesday.

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Carol Chisolm, who suffers from hair loss due to alopecia, shares how one act of obedience set her free from bondage and made a big difference in the lives of others. That simple act of obedience brought renewed life in surprising ways. #alopecia #baldness #obedience #faith #hope