Most of us have struggled with worry, fear, or anxiety at some point in life, or we love someone who has.

Anxiety is considered the “Common Cold of Mental Illness” because so many people struggle with it and accept it as a way of life.

Living in this age of anxiety, worry can materialize from many factors: children’s poor decisions, job demands and instability, homes, health conditions, and financial insufficiency. News and social media are also factors that feed fear. Even the fear of missing out leads to anxiety.

I’ve been there and experienced it’s debilitating effects.

God taught me that worry, fear, and anxiety are not our portion. But peace is!

How do you break free from anxiety and reclaim God’s peace as a way of life?

Announcing “Breaking Anxiety’s Grip” by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

With more than 25 years of experience in the mental health field, board-certified neuropsychologist and author Dr. Michelle Bengtson offers a biblically-based prescription for finding peace from worry or anxiety in the pages of Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises. She shows readers how to recognize the spiritual influence that anxiety originates from. She communicates how to use the weapons God has already given them to fight back and reclaim the peace God promises.

In Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises, Dr. Bengtson reveals the solution isn’t to try to rid our lives of the sources of anxiety but to recognize where anxiety originates so they can use the weapons of power, love, and a sound mind to fight back and live in God’s peace.

Dr. Bengtson shares her own journey of emerging from the battle with anxiety as well as the stories of others while reminding readers of their identity as a follower of Christ and of the peace he promises despite everything.

Who is Breaking Anxiety’s Grip for?

  • Breaking Anxiety’s Grip is for those who have struggled with worry, fear, or anxiety, or those who love them.
  • It’s for those who want to understand why they feel the way they do and find a way to do something so they can find peace.
  • It’s for those who want to feel like they can do something about their problems besides just worry.
  • It’s for those who want to believe that God really is powerful enough to take care of their bigger worries.
  • It’s for those who don’t want to feel afraid about their life or their circumstances anymore.
  • And, it’s for those who want to experience God’s peace despite their circumstances.

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip provides the tools to cope with the crushing emotional burden of anxiety now and, more importantly, shows how to reclaim God’s peace as a way of life so that the grip of anxiety can be broken.

Book Launch Team

Have you or someone you love ever struggled with worry, fear, or anxiety? Do you desire to possess more of God’s peace? Then I invite you to join the launch team for Breaking Anxiety’s Grip.

As a neuropsychologist, I’ve treated thousands of patients with anxiety, and I’m no stranger to worry, fear, and anxiety myself. But God has shown me that worry, fear, and anxiety are not our portion, but peace is!

On the launch team, you’ll get insider information about the book, pre-order bonuses for the book, a chance to convene with a supportive community, the chance to participate in contests and win prizes and amazing giveaways. The best part is you’ll learn how to break anxiety’s grip!

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Pre-Orders Are Open

We’re excited to offer a bundle of goods for those who Pre-Order Breaking Anxiety’s Grip.

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Thank you for your pre-order. Ultimately, pre-orders help this book end up in the hands of people who need freedom from worry, fear and anxiety. Thank you.

To pre-order your copy, visit: Pre-Order Breaking Anxiety’s Grip

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Together, let’s reclaim the peace God promises.

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Announcing Breaking Anxiety’s Grip by Dr. Michelle Bengtson. Many of us have struggled with worry, fear or anxiety, or love someone who has. Read more to break free from anxiety and reclaim God’s peace.