Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to be a disciple of Jesus?

Do you think they were ever awestruck just by being in His presence, as I imagine I might be if He showed up at my office and called me to a life walking and serving in His presence?

The truth is, He has.

He not only called us to be His servants. He gave us the Holy Spirit as a constant companion to teach, comfort, and guide us. He also gave us instructions that are as accurate for us today as when He shared them with His disciples.

When Jesus sent his disciples out to minister, in Matthew 10: 1-16, I appreciate how we can apply the instructions to the disciples’ to our own lives.

5 Important Biblical Life Instructions from Jesus

  1. Jesus gave the disciples authority to heal the sick, raise the dead, touch the untouchables and cast out demons. He gave us the very same charge. Just as He gave them His power and authority, He has done so for us.
  2. Jesus instructed the disciples to first consider the basics: Before they considered traveling to far-off places, He urged them to look around them and reach the lost and confused in their very own neighborhoods. While I admire those who spend their lives in faraway mission fields, we are encouraged to remember that we have a mission field on our playgrounds, in our neighborhoods, and in our grocery stores, if we will just be willing.
  3. Just as the disciples had been treated generously by Jesus, he instructed them to live generously. It is impossible for us to give what we do not have. Yet God has lavished on us His perfect love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness, thereby making it possible for us to extend the same to others.
  4. Jesus instructed the disciples to travel light. He encouraged those to whom the disciples ministered, to in turn provide for the disciples’ needs. He has given permission for a laborer, even in ministry, to earn a wage, yet He doesn’t want us to worry about making our living, because ultimately God will provide.
  5. Jesus knew that the work He asked of the disciples would be hard—in fact, He forewarned them that they would be like sheep running through a wolf pack. He prepared them for rejection, yet instructed them and us with an appropriate appreciation and response for such situations: If others do not welcome us or want to listen to what we have to say, we are free to leave that town, shake the dust from our feet, and look for those who are receptive to us and to Him.


So while I wonder what it must’ve been like to be one of the chosen twelve, living and ministering with while learning from Jesus, I am thankful God has given us the benefit of the written scriptures as our life instructions.

To whom will you reach out this week?

I’d love to pray for you:
Father, I thank you for your ministry here on earth, and for the twelve disciples originally chosen who then shared of you with others so that ultimately we would hear of all you came to be and do. Thank you for the privilege we have of sharing your work in our lives with others, and that you have given us the same authority and power that you gave to the disciples. Help us to see the ministry opportunities around us and to generously give what you have given us. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen.

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Do you ever wonder what it must’ve been like to be one of the chosen twelve? To be in His presence. To learn from Jesus? The same Biblical life instructions He gave to them, He also gave to us.