It’s been a challenging year. At times it has felt like we’ve been battered by the waves up against the rocks of cancer, job instability, financial insecurity, and even theft. And yet life goes on, whether or not we have enough time to come up for air.

While our resolve to keep going has been without question, we have had those days when we were simply weary and lacking strength.

Have you ever become worn down physically? Or even spiritually?

Have you ever “momentarily” dropped your guard and lost your way?

While I’m not proud to admit it, I have.

I remember incidents when I lost my strength and responded angrily rather than in love.

Or times, when for the sake of comfort, I distorted the truth rather than have an uncomfortable conversation.

Sadly, on more occasions than I’d like to admit, I succumbed to listening to and agreeing with the enemy instead of doing the sometimes hard work of standing firm on God’s truth.

I’m so thankful that God gives grace and mercy.

Recently, in a conversation with my youngest son, God gave me the opportunity to explain that repentance is a gift, not a punishment. God gave us the gift of confession and repentance so that He could exchange our wrongs with His forgiveness in order to repair our relationship with Him.

That gift allows God to forgive us and wipe our slates clean.

I find comfort knowing that some of the great men and women of the Bible endured situations to teach them the very same lessons I have to learn.

Take Samson, for example. He was the strongest man to ever live. God gave Samson a supernatural gift, much like He gives each of us our own unique gifts and talents.

Delilah was fascinated with Samson’s gift. I struggle with my own issues, so I’m not judging Delilah, but it would appear that she perhaps experienced some envy, jealousy, covetousness, or perhaps some pride. She became obsessed with finding out where Samson derived his strength.

As Scripture relays, Samson placated Delilah on numerous occasions by telling her ways that his strength might be taken from him. Each time, Delilah then used the information to attempt to do just that—rob him of his gift. Delilah remained persistent in her pursuit of such knowledge.

When Samson was finally worn down by her nagging, he shared with her the truth behind his strength. He momentarily dropped his guard and not only lost his way, but lost his divine gift.

The story would end there were it not for God’s grace and mercy.

Samson recognized his error and brought it before the Lord. He never lost sight of who supplied his strength, and he continued to seek after God.

Just as God has done numerous times for me, and I suspect for you, He did for Samson. He was merciful to Samson. He restored Samson to relationship with Him, and restored Samson’s strength.

Where do you need God’s grace and mercy today? He’s faithful to give it!

Because of Him, #HopePrevails!



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Have you ever become worn down physically? Or even spiritually? Have you ever “momentarily” dropped your guard and lost your way? What would happen were it not for God’s grace and mercy? He supplies our strength.