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The Sadness Behind Suicide

The Sadness Behind Suicide

For most, suicide isn’t a desire to die, but a desire to be rid of the pain and sadness. From her own experience and those of the patients she serves, a clinical neuropsychologist shares 6 things to consider if you or a loved one are battling depression and having suicidal thoughts.

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How Can I Discern the Voice Of God From the Enemy?

How Can I Discern the Voice Of God From the Enemy?

How can I know the difference between God’s voice, my voice and the enemy’s voice? Many Christ-followers have asked that same question at some point in their journey! The enemy would like you to believe you can’t hear God’s voice, but the truth is God is speaking all the time—we just have to learn to become more attuned to hearing His voice and discerning the difference between His voice and the enemy’s voice. Apply these basic principles to help you discern if the voice you are hearing is God’s or the enemy’s.

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10 Scriptures for Mothers with Depression

10 Scriptures for Mothers with Depression

Unfortunately, depression is not uncommon. Many experience it, and in fact, many aren’t even aware that that is what they are dealing with. It’s estimated to be twice as likely in women. Many mothers are plagued by depression. The good news is, there is help, and there is hope. You are not alone. The best way to fight is with the truth of God’s word.

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