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Is It Grief Or Depression?

Is It Grief Or Depression?

“Is it grief or something more?” That’s a question I’m often asked as a board certified clinical neuropsychologist. Everyone grieves differently. Do you know the signs and symptoms to watch for when grief progresses into depression? Learn more here.

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Don’t Give Worry a Voice

Don’t Give Worry a Voice

I’ve been paying attention recently to comments that people make. I have found it’s both an advantage and a disadvantage to being a psychologist. I am always paying attention to everything around me. I’m always paying attention to what people say, and to what they...

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God Can Use Even Our Storms for Good!

God Can Use Even Our Storms for Good!

We all have storms in life—whether they are literal storms like hurricanes, or figurative storms like relationship difficulties, or health crises, or financial woes. The Bible warns us that the storms, the trials, will come. No one is exempt. How do we get through them? Read more for hope in the midst of the storm.

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Anxious for No Thing

Anxious for No Thing

Early one morning, I sensed God whisper to my heart, “what part of be anxious for nothing are you struggling with?” Well, pretty much EVERY thing was causing me to worry and fret. God has a way of pointing to the heart of a matter. Are you struggling not to worry or be anxious? Want the secret for resting in God’s peace?

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