No doubt, she was starving herself. She was unhappy with her image and was getting bullied for it. She had chosen to starve herself to lose weight. She had become bulimic to fool her family. Cracked lips and tired eyes plagued her life and she could barely pay attention in class. All based on the thought “Maybe, just maybe, this will work. Maybe now I will be accepted.” But the thought was not hers. The voice had crept in fooling her mind but it couldn’t fool her body. The voice told her, “You want to eat? Bite your tongue….” She laid on her bed and cried, trapped.

Sometimes we get trapped in our own inclinations. We may wander from friends and those we care about and fall down the trap of the dark, creeping voice of the devil. Sometimes the dark voice creeps in and whispers, “They don’t really love you. You aren’t really in the right shape. Maybe you shouldn’t tell that person that, because they’ll reject you,” and the most dangerous statement, “Trust me… I know what you need.”

The devil is the father of all lies and will manipulate any information he gets his dirty hands on. But he spins in an insecurity, a part of truth, or a thought of a loved one, all to bring us to his view. And we fall right into his trap. We stop eating, we stop going to church, and we become isolated. This is because it’s harder to attack a group than a single person who has wandered and become isolated.

When we isolate ourselves from God, we become easy prey. Zebras are black and white striped to confuse predators, making them unsure where one starts and the other ends. Even two people will be a better defense over a lone person. Community is essential for survival and the kingdom of God. He wants us to confess to him, but to be balanced, you must not only look up, but look around to those like you to others who will, in community, speak truth to you.

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). — We look to God but we must understand that God gave Adam a companion for a reason.

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Bryce Bengtson
The enemy is the father of lies. With his creeping voice, he seeks to isolate us from God, friends and those we care about. Read more for how to avoid the trap of the enemy.
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