Dear Friend, I feel your heartache and I know your pain.

As your tears flow and you feel alone:


When you look around you and wish you were more like them,


When you feel stressed and overwhelmed,


When you feel like a failure, or like you are not measuring up, don’t give up.


The truth is, those thoughts and feelings you’ve been having (that you are alone, that you aren’t good enough, that you can’t handle the stress, that you are a failure, etc.) are lies. Lies from the enemy who desires to steal, kill, and destroy anything that would keep you from experiencing the peace, joy, and abundant life God desires for us (John 10:10).

I’d encourage you to memorize the verses I’ve cited above so the next time he whispers those lies to you, you can proclaim God’s truth!


The following was written by my friend Leah Rocha to encourage your despairing heart:

If you are stressed, God loves you. If you are lonely, He loves you. If you don’t think of Him, He loves you. If you feel like you are not measuring up, He loves you. If you are tired, He loves you. If you are grieving, He loves you. He if you are angry, He loves you.

He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you. It is who He is and there is nothing you can do to change that. You cannot do something to make Him stop loving you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in Him, He believes in you. He isn’t thinking of ways to punish you, but ways to love on you.

The world is mean and ugly, but God is not of this world nor like this world. Please do not let others confuse you on the character of God. 

I hope you feel His love for you, today.

Hope Prevails,

Dr. Michelle


Script_Defeat the lies with truth


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