In a recent Your Hope-Filled Perspective Podcast (How to Live Bravely, Courageously, and Without Fear – Episode 75,) I chatted with author and minister, Tracey Mitchell, about becoming brave and courageous women, and living without fear. I think this is something most of us desire, but few know how to get there. So I asked Tracey to share more of her insights with us here.

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Becoming Brave and Courageous Women
By Tracey Mitchell

I’m not sure why, maybe it’s my age or my stage of life, but I’ve simply grown weary of a yo-yo type of bravery. In all sincerity, I insist we can’t be bold and brave one day and bashful the next. The unhealthy habit of swaying between faith and fear will only leave us as mental messes.

If we are to become brave, our words must echo our resolve to step out of the shadows and do something meaningful. I can usually judge how serious a woman is about stretching beyond her comfort zone by the verbal choices she makes in describing her future.

A bravery challenge

Let me lay aside the soft talk and speak directly for a moment? What I am about to share is not a rebuke to our gender but a challenge, a provocation to bump the bar of bravery up a notch or two.

Standing before a group of women in a remote wooded village, I opened our retreat with a series of probing questions. Wanting to get a pulse on the group with whom I would share the weekend, I instructed the women to break into small groups and sit comfortably on the floor. With everyone settled in, I gave the assignment: each person in a group would have five minutes to introduce herself to the rest of her group and share on the topic of life’s most disappointing moment.

Chatting it up like schoolgirls, the roomful of women unloaded private, painful issues. Trust me when I tell you it took more than a quick minute to dial down the volume and reclaim order. I opened the second round of dialogue by inviting them to share about a relationship that ended painfully. Once again the conversation erupted as strangers swapped stories like sisters.

Moments of courage

What happened next was entirely disappointing. For the final assignment, I asked the women to tell of a time when she’d acted courageously.

The oversized cabin grew eerily quiet. For the first time, I could hear the crackle of the fireplace and the hum of the outdated appliances. The women stared at me, then at each other. The silence was louder than thunder.

I’ve not sure why the invitation to talk about courage often trips women up.

For the life of me, I can’t add together all the hours I’ve spent mulling over why we can’t mesh our names and our identity with the word courage. Is it that we’ve failed to be courageous, or do we simply feel unqualified to be labeled courageous? Perhaps we cannot call to mind moments of courage because we have had too few.

It seems we women feel more comfortable referring to ourselves as wounded than as warriors. But that’s not the case with the men in our lives. Put men around a bonfire and the competition for who has more grit gets heated. As the night passes, the tales get taller and the fables become more fictitious. Men talk about themselves as if they are legends.

Leading the charge

Men shouldn’t be the only ones swapping long-winded stories of heroism. It would be good for us daughters to think of ourselves as daring too. With a culture in need of moral clarity, our hearts should leap at the idea of leading the charge to liberate those who are blinded and bound by sin. Until we are daunting enough to live up to our God-given identity we will live powerless lives marked by forgotten dreams.

How have you shown yourself courageous? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

About Tracey Mitchell

Tracey Mitchell, author and speakerTracey Mitchell is a renowned and well-respected Bible teacher and international conference speaker. She travels 40 plus weeks a year speaking to diverse and cross-cultural groups throughout America and internationally, including Cuba, South America, Africa, Canada and the Middle East. Tracey Mitchell is a published author with Harper Collins and Thomas Nelson. Titles include The Invitation to Intimacy with GodBecoming Brave and Downside Up. She is the executive producer and co-host of Life From DFW, Executive Vice President of Christian Women in Media, President of Global Media Summit, and the CEO of The Winning Woman, a ministry-based consulting firm.

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If you were asked to tell of a time you acted courageously, what would you say? In this post, Tracey Mitchell shares a challenge to women to bump the bar of bravery up a notch or two. #courageouswomen #bravewomen #faith #Christian