It’s that time of year…when we’re all shopping for that “perfect gift” for that special someone. The perfect gift came wrapped in swaddling clothes, born in a manger. Nothing can be better than that. But tangible gifts are part of the holiday season, whether you are shopping for Christmas, Chanukah, or something else. And let’s not forget all the December and January birthdays on your list! I’ve done some research to give you a wide variety and wide price point of ideas to make your gift-buying a tad easier!


1.  Short Plush Hooded Robe

short plush hooded robe

This robe is lightweight, soft, and warm. It’s a joy to put on during those chilly mornings. It comes in 14 colors (of course I got the teal!). This would make a nice gift for yourself or any important woman in your life who gets chilled easily. Buy on Amazon


2. Cozy Soft Plush Blanket

cozy soft plush blanket

It’s no secret I love soft items, and I tend to get chilled easily. This blanket, which I have in the smaller Throw size, makes for a cozy evening watching a movie, reading a good book, or writing a blog post. It comes in 22 beautiful colors, but the beige compliments most décor. Buy on Amazon


3. Set of 2 Ceramic Book Vases

ceramic book vases

If you have an author or reader on your gift list, this delightful, whimsical yet functional set of two ceramic vases in the shape of books is sure to please! I absolutely love mine, and get compliments on them frequently! Definitely not your ordinary vases! Buy on Amazon


4. Hanging Planters

hanging planters

Do you have a gardener or flower lover on your gift list? I received these hanging planters and love having my seasonal hanging flowers in them, hanging on a shepherd’s hook so I can enjoy my outdoor hanging plants from the inside as well! Buy on Amazon


5. Hummingbird Feeder

hummingbird feeder

This is my favorite hummingbird feeder because the bowl feature doesn’t occlude your ability to see hummingbirds eating at any of the feeding ports. I put mine out in the spring, and once the hummingbirds find it, they return daily throughout the summer! Buy on Amazon


6. Shepherd Hook

Shepherd hook

Whether you’re wanting to hang hanging plants for a bird feeder, this two pack of shepherd’s hooks is all you need to turn your outside into an inviting piece of nature. I love mine! Buy on Amazon


7. Double Sided Acrylic Photo Frames

double sided acrylic photo frames

Who doesn’t love having photos of friends and family around their home? We had two family weddings this summer and I needed new frames for all the family photos. These frames are double sided with a magnetic closure and look beautiful regardless of your decorating style. Comes in multiple sizes. Makes a lovely gift! Buy on Amazon


8. Flannel Fleece Microfiber Blanket

flannel fleece microfiber blanket

When we moved, we needed new blankets for our beds. I’m pretty picky about my bedding. These blankets are lightweight but so soft and seems to adjust to the season. Not too warm in the spring and fall, but warm enough for cold winter nights. Comes in multiple sizes and 19 colors. I love ours and hope you’ll love it too. Buy on Amazon


9. 3-Tier Serving Trays

3 tier serving trays

Have a friend or loved one who enjoys charcuterie? These three-tiered trays work well for charcuterie or any holiday get together. It offers height while freeing up space on your table or island. They are compact when not in use. I used these recently for a charcuterie themed housewarming party. Buy on Amazon


10. Charcuterie Accessories

charcuterie accessories

Charcuterie boards and grazing tables are being enjoyed by many these days. These accessories are perfect as a gift for any charcuterie lover, especially when paired with a beautiful board. They are great for slicing and serving cheese, meat, nuts, dips and spreads, pickles, olives, and more. Buy on Amazon


11. Exhibit Wall Set of 5 Hanging Picture Frames

Exhibit wall set of 5 hanging picture frames

I absolutely love this hanging set of 5 picture frames. We have ours on the stairway wall leading upstairs. You can orient the hanging bar straight or at an angle, and you choose where to hang each of the five frames and whether you want them to hang vertically or horizontally. Great for hanging my favorite family wedding photos from this summer! Buy on Amazon


12. Electric Bug Zapper

Bug zapper

Do pesky flies or mosquitos keep you or a loved one from enjoying time outdoors? I’m a mosquito magnet, and as much as I love being outside, I don’t care to be the mosquito buffet. So we put up this zapper and it helps us enjoy our patio time each day. Buy on Amazon


13. Adjustable Laptop Stand

adjustable laptop stand

If you or someone on your gift list spends a great deal of time on the computer, you’ll love this adjustable laptop stand. It helps position the laptop at your perfect height for working, zoom meetings, and more. It’s easy to use and takes up little space when not needed. Buy on Amazon


14. Rotating Makeup Organizer

rotating makeup organizer

Countertop space is always at a premium, right? This rotating makeup organizer has two tiers with space for makeup, lotions, makeup brushes, and all those products you use regularly, keeping them organized and within arms’ reach. Buy on Amazon


15. Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack

Neoprene dumbbell set with rack

If you or a loved one have plans to get back in shape after the holidays, you’ll enjoy this small weight set with a rack to keep them organized and out of the way when not in use. The neoprene is comfortable on the hands. Buy on Amazon


16. One Line a Day 5-Year Memory Book

One line a day 5 year memory book

For those who love to journal, but don’t have time or don’t want others to come across their intimate thoughts, this one line a day five year memory book lets you write down salient events/emotions/experiences with little time commitment. Buy on Amazon


17. Bluetooth Headband Headphones

Bluetooth headband headphones

If you or a loved one like to exercise or fall asleep listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts, but don’t like bulky earbuds, you’re going to love these. I love mine. They are lightweight and don’t hurt my ears or fall out. Buy on Amazon


18. Water Bottle Organizer

Water bottle organizer

If your home is like mine, some of the cupboards get overrun with a myriad of water bottles. We found this great organizer that makes storage so convenient and lets you see 6 bottles at once. Any family with several water bottles will thank you for this organization tool! Buy on Amazon


19. Volumizer Hair Dryer

Volumizer hair dryer

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite hair tool! It dries and curls at the same time! I used mine so much that I ended up getting another one specifically for travel! Buy on Amazon


20. Conair Curl Secret

Conair curl set

This is my second favorite hair tool. It automatically curls without any work or effort on your part. It’s great on wash day, or for freshening up day two or three hair. Buy on Amazon


21. Waterproof Noise Canceling Speaker

waterproof noise canceling speaker

I love having music play throughout the house, but especially in my office, kitchen, and bedroom. This speaker is light weight, has great sound quality, and is wireless which makes it easy to move from room to room. Buy on Amazon


22. Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

ziplock bag storage organizer

If you like to keep your ziplock bags organized and easy to get to in a pinch, this bamboo organizer is just the thing for you or someone you love. Fits easily in most drawers, and keeps those storage bags organized. Buy on Amazon


23. Pantry Organization and Storage Bins

pantry organization and storage bins

Do you have someone in your life who loves all things organized and in their place? Or someone who longs to get to that place? When we moved into our new-to-us house, I got these bins to help keep the pantry area clean and free from drips, spills, etc., and so everything had a designated place. These also work in bathroom cupboards or in the refrigerator. Buy on Amazon


24. Chocolate Covered Cherries

chocolate covered cherries

I have a friend who absolutely loves these cherries, and they were a favorite of my dad. If you have a loved one who has a sweet tooth who loves the combination of chocolate and gooey fruit filling, bless them with this. Buy on Amazon


25. 20 Oz Tumbler with Lid, Straws, and Cleaning Brushes

20 oz tumbler with lid

I know there is a very popular brand of tumbler out there, but this one is just as pretty and half the price AND comes with the cleaning brushes! Of course mine is teal but it comes in 12 colors to choose from! Buy on Amazon


26. Women’s Heated Vest

Women's heated vest

Maybe it’s my age, but when I get cold, my bones hurt plus I have less motivation to exercise outdoors. This was one of the best gifts I received last year. You can choose to heat your upper torso, neck, lower torso or all the above. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack that slips inside an inner pocket. Perfect for those cold, drafty winter nights, or when working or exercising outdoors in cooler temperatures. Buy on Amazon


27. Beautiful Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus

Do you have someone on your gift-giving list who seems to have everything but who would be cheered during dreary winter months with a pop of color? Then this Christmas Cactus is just the thing! A friend gave me one a couple years ago, and surprisingly for me, it’s still alive! It’s definitely resilient and low maintenance! Buy on Amazon


28. Women’s Lightweight Button Down Shacket

Womens lightweight button down shacket

I absolutely love this Shacket. It’s not too heavy or too thick, but gives an extra layer of warmth on chilly days or evenings. The quilted fabric adds an extra dimension of comfy! Comes in several sizes and 14 different colors. Buy on Amazon


29. Stylish Fanny Pack for Men or Women

stylish fanny pack for men or women

Did you know that fanny packs are making a comeback? Only not the ugly, plastic ones from the 80’s. Now they are stylish and can usually be worn across the waist or in a crossbody style. I have it on good authority from one of the young men in my life that this makes a great gift for many on your list this year! Buy on Amazon


30. Heatless Curling Rod

heatless curing rod

Heat can damage our hair, so minimizing exposure to heat is key for preserving the health of your tresses. This heatless curling rod lets you curl your hair, even while you’re sleeping, without damaging heat. Best for medium to long hair. Buy on Amazon


31. 50 States, 5000 Ideas

50 states 5000 ideas

This book was a hit with several of our adventure loving traveling friends and family over the past year. Another quality book put out by National Geographic. Expand your horizon and your vacation possibilities! Buy on Amazon


32. Swarovsky Annual Limited Edition Snowflake Ornament

Swarovsky limited edition snowflake ornament

One of our family traditions has included giving each of our children a fun ornament and a limited edition Christmas ornament. Now that one child is married (and loves all things Christmas), he’s grateful he already has 20+ years of ornaments to decorate their tree! Buy on Amazon


What’s your favorite gift to give? Conversely, what was your favorite gift you received this year? We’d love to hear in the comments below!



'Tis the season for giving! Discover 32 delightful Christmas gift ideas that will make this holiday season truly special. From budget-friendly to luxurious, there's something for every elf on your list. Ready to sleigh your shopping? Click now and spread the festive cheer!