Mother’s Day is coming soon. I searched and searched for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for that special someone on your list. These 35 unique gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday, or any special occasion. The good news is they can all be bought online and there’s something to fit any budget.


1. Today is Going to be a Good Day: 90 Promises from God to Start Your Day Off Right

Today is Going to be a Good Day: 90 Promises from God to Start Your Day Off Right


Available now!
Every day can be a good day when you trust the promises of God. When life conspires to drag us down with all of its troubles, it can be hard to keep our spirits up. Dr. Michelle Bengtson knows. Severely ill and mired in depression, she desperately needed something to cling to. That is when she decided to stand on God’s promises that, despite her circumstances, every day was a good day for a good day. In this uplifting devotional, Bengtson helps you make each day a good day no matter what is going on in your life. Each reading includes Scripture, reflection, prayer, and a recommended playlist song designed to help you live out Philippians 4:8. Buy from Amazon


2. Handblown Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Handblown glass hummingbird feeder

This one is high on my list. This will be the gift that keeps on giving as your Mom gets to watch hummingbirds come to visit time and time again. Buy from Amazon


3. Custom Canvas Print Collage

Custom canvas print collage for photos

Photos of my family are always my favorite photos. This special customizable canvas lets you appreciate your family photos in a prominent place for years to come. Buy from Amazon


4. One Line a Day 5-year Journal for Mom’s

One line a day 5 year journal for mom

For the busy mom who wants to journal but doesn’t have time to write at length, this line a day journal is just perfect for recording the most essential thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Buy from Amazon


5. Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug Set

Best mom ever coffee mug set

What Mom wouldn’t like a daily reminder of how much she is appreciated when she has her morning cup of java? Buy from Amazon


6. My Heart, Every His: Prayers for Women by Barbara Rainey

My Heart, Every His: Prayers for Women by Barbara Rainey—

This book by Barbara Rainey offers prayers for women when we are at a loss for words yet want to draw close to our Heavenly Father. Buy from Amazon


7. Best Mom Ever Makeup Bag

Best mom ever makeup bag

Perfect for the woman on the go, whether traveling for business or pleasure to keep her essentials close at hand. Buy from Amazon


8. Infusion Fruit Insulated Water Bottle

Infusion Fruit Insulated Water Bottle

This pretty bottle will not only help Mom get her daily hydration but enjoy the subtle taste of fruit-infused water. Buy from Amazon


9. Best Mom Ever Soy Wax Candle

Best mom ever soy wax candle

For every woman who loves a soft candle scent, this will be sure to please as you express your love each time she lights it. Buy from Amazon


10. Love You Mom set of 3 ceramic planters

Love you mom planter set

For that special gardener in your life, this set of planters will not only bring joy in each and every bloom but remind her just how much you love her. Buy from Amazon


11. A Mother’s Love is Forever Pendant Necklace

Necklace Women's Sterling Silver Open Teardrop "A Mother's Love is Forever"

What mother wouldn’t love wearing this beautiful sentiment around her neck? Buy from Amazon


12. Zero Gravity Folding Lounge Chair

Zero Gravity Folding Lounge Chair

This gift is one that will allow Mom to take a load off her feet, but don’t be surprised if Dad asks for a second for him! Great for any patio, park, or picnic. Buy from Amazon


13. Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This was one of my favorite presents from my own kids. I loved it so much, that they got me a second one to link to the first. Buy from Amazon


14. Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods

These were given to me more than a year ago, and not a single day has gone by when I didn’t use them! They are perfect for exercising or just listening in a crowded place. Buy from Amazon


15. Airpod Case

Airpod case

I not only love my air pods, but I love my case to carry them in. It easily attaches to my keyring or phone so I don’t misplace or leave them somewhere! Lots of colors to choose from. Buy on Amazon


16. Charcuterie Board Set

Charcuterie Board Set

For the mom who frequently entertains: charcuterie. This is one of those gifts that the whole family will appreciate! Buy from Amazon


17. Personalized Birthstone Charm Necklace

Personalized Birthstone Charm Necklace

This beautiful necklace gives Mom a reminder of each of her loves with a birthstone for each one enclosed in a beautiful charm necklace. Buy from Amazon


18. You Are Special Today Plate

You are special today plate

Give this to Mom to remind her just how special she is today, and then watch when she brings it out to tell you that you are special too. Buy from Amazon


19. Collection of 4 Succulents

Set of 4 succulents


For the Mom who always wanted a green thumb but thought she couldn’t grow anything. Buy from Amazon


20. Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel jewelry organizer

Remember that jewelry you’ve given your mom on past holidays? Here is the perfect jewelry organizer for her to use to bring it on her travels. Buy from Amazon


21. Windowsill Herb Garden Starter Kit

Windowsill Herb Garden Starter Kit

While Mom is waiting for her herbs to grow, she can still enjoy the light coming through these beautiful bottles. Buy from Amazon


22. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bathtub Caddy Tray

What Mom doesn’t want time alone to relax and rejuvenate? This makes it convenient for her to have her favorite book, beverage, and candle with her all at the same time. Buy from Amazon


23. Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase

This beautiful silk pillowcase will help preserve your Mom’s hairstyle and minimize facial wrinkles. Buy from Amazon


24. Personalized Decorative Pillow Cover


Personalized decorative pillow case 2

This is such a fun gift because it can be personalized with the names of Mom’s children or Grandma’s grandchildren. Buy from Amazon


25. Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

We need to take care of our skin, especially during the hot summer months! This organic exfoliating sugar scrub exfoliates chapped dry lips and moisturizes them. It comes in berry, mint, and vanilla flavors. Buy it on Amazon


26. Milk Chocolate Sea Salt


Sander's Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

A sweet treat that is sure to please! The 36 oz package of Sanders Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. One is enough to tame that sweet tooth, but there will also be plenty to share. Buy it on Amazon


27.  Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Burt's Bees hand repair gift set

Made with all-natural ingredients, this set is perfect for winter. It comes with their Almond Milk Hand Cream (smells divine!), Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, and a pair of cotton gloves. Buy it on Amazon


28. Lighted Makeup Mirror with Magnification

Lighted Makeup Mirror with Magnification

I’m probably showing my age here, but I can use all the help I can get putting on my makeup in our suboptimally lit bathroom. This bathroom mirror is both lighted (dimmable) and magnified to help make my daily makeup routine much easier. Buy from Amazon


29.  UV Nail Lamp for Gel Manicures

UV Nail Lamp for Gel Manicures

I love how long a gel manicure lasts, but I don’t like to go to a nail salon and prefer to do my own nails at home. This UV LED Nail Lamp is perfect for your at-home gel manicure and fits an entire hand at once. Buy from Amazon


30. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

One of my favorite gifts is always updated family photos. This digital picture frame has 16GB of storage and allows family and friends to share photos via an app, email, or the cloud. Buy from Amazon


31. Inverted Umbrella

Inverted Umbrella

Have you ever wrestled with an umbrella, trying to close it while you get yourself into the car? This ingenious new invention is your answer to those rain-soaked days. They have lots of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from! Buy from Amazon


32. One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizing Brush

One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Brush


This has become my all-time favorite hair tool! It dries my hair, adds volume, and curl all in one step. When mine broke after prolonged usage, I immediately asked for another. Buy on Amazon


33. Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: Best New Book for Conquering Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

Breaking Anxiety's Grip: How To Reclaim the Peace God Promises by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

“Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises” by Dr. Michelle Bengtson
Ours is an age of anxiety. We worry about our children, jobs, homes, health, and finances. News and social media feed our fears. Even the fear of missing out leads to anxiety. The solution isn’t to rid ourselves of the sources of anxiety but to recognize that anxiety originates from a spiritual influence–and then use the weapons of power, love, and a sound mind to fight back and live in God’s peace. This book provides tools to cope with the crushing emotional burden of anxiety now, and, more importantly, shows you how to reclaim God’s peace as a way of life so that you can break anxiety’s grip.


34. Hope Prevails: Best Book for Coping With Depression

Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor's Personal Journey through Depression

“Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey through Depression” by Dr. Michelle Bengtson
I treated patients for 20 years with conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and everyday stress, before I, too, suffered and then realized that unless we treat the spiritual root of disease, we are effectively only attempting to put a band-aid on an infection and hoping it will get well. “Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression” is written from a dual-perspective of a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, but also someone who has walked through depression’s valley. It explains where depression comes from, what keeps us trapped in its valley, how to break free, as well as the limits God places on depression’s impact. It also offers end of chapter application “prescriptions,” encouraging song playlist recommendations, and a prayer for the reader. For those who purchase the book, there is a link for a bonus chapter regarding how to help a depressed loved one. By 2020, depression will be our greatest epidemic worldwide, and one in four will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Even if you don’t struggle with depression, you have a friend or loved one who does and who would benefit from this resource! “Hope Prevails” won the 2017 Christian Literary Award.


35. Hope Prevails Bible Study: Best Bible Study When Struggling With Depression or Anxiety

“Hope Prevails Bible Study” by Dr. Michelle Bengtson
In response to reader requests following the release of “Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression,” there is now a new companion “Hope Prevails Bible Study” to take you even deeper into God’s word for greater help, hope, and healing. The “Hope Prevails Bible Study” was written for those struggling with depression, or those who desire to better understand depression to support their friends, loved ones, and fellow church members who suffer. It was written so that it could be a side-by-side accompaniment to the original “Hope Prevails,” or could be studied independently. It was also intentionally written so that an individual could study it by themselves, or in a small group environment. True to the original “Hope Prevails,” it also offers end of chapter application “prescriptions,” encouraging song playlist recommendations, and a prayer for the reader.


I’d love to hear your best Mother’s Day gift ideas in the comments below.



Gifts for mom for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any special occasion. These 35 unique gifts can all be bought online and fit any budget.