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Have You Done Enough? When to Leave an Abusive Relationship

Have You Done Enough? When to Leave an Abusive Relationship

The statistics are staggering. If you aren’t in an abusive relationship, you know several people who are, even if they haven’t shared about the abuse with you. Have you had enough? Do you know when to leave an abusive relationship? Karen DeArmond Gardner shares helpful information and resources for those in an abusive relationship.

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Walking in Wholeness

Walking in Wholeness

These days, more than ever, we’re under pressure to pretend that life is easy and that we’ve got it all figured out. We may look good on the outside, but what about the inside? What if the answer is walking in wholeness? Kerrie Oles shares how we can surrender to God and see our life begin to change by walking in His wholeness daily.

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8 Tips to Unplug on Vacation

8 Tips to Unplug on Vacation

How do you let go and enjoy yourself and your family on vacation? Taking a vacation and really unplugging from the office, email and technological devices can be hard for the family provider. But, in order to really enjoy what you worked so hard to provide, it’s necessary. These 8 tips to unplug on vacation will help.

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Toxic Thinking: Take Control of Your Thoughts

Toxic Thinking: Take Control of Your Thoughts

Romans 12:2 and Ephesians 4:23 reminds us that we are to renew our thoughts daily. That means we need to be in control of what we’re thinking, because if we aren’t, the same toxic thoughts will be controlling our life. Kris Reece shares her 4 step process that shows you how to renew your mind and put an end to toxic thinking.

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