Hope for the Hurting

Safe with God

Safe with God

When do you feel God’s protection and safety the most? Observing nature? Watching the ocean waves roll in? We are safe with God. He’s our refuge. As we grow, He teaches us to battle the enemy ourselves.

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Suicide: There’s Another Way

Suicide: There’s Another Way

Often times, a person who considers suicide doesn’t really want to die, they just want to end the pain. If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or you’re in the valley of depression, you’re not alone! There is help, hope and healing. Read more for encouraging resources. If you know someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, share this message with them. […]

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What Does the Bible Say About Work Ethic

What Does the Bible Say About Work Ethic

Some have a tendency to think that being a doctor in business for myself is glamorous. What isn’t seen by most is the long hours, the unpaid claims, and the difficulty finding good help.

We have been blessed over almost two decades to have a few real stellar employees who could have been poster children for good work ethics. 

Recently, because of life changes and family needs, the stability of our own staffing situation has changed and we’ve had to go out and search the labor pool for new qualified applicants to bring into our private practice family. Yet this time it hasn’t been so easy to find those applicants. [Read more]

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Dr. Michelle Bengtson

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