Hope for the Hurting

Personalities and fonts

Personalities and fonts

I find the whole concept of fonts interesting.Fonts are a lot like people.They have their different moods, and even with their basic personality they can be emblazoned with bold passion, or even a tad emotional in their italics.Some fonts are fun and not too...

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Heartfelt Prayers of a Little One

Heartfelt Prayers of a Little One

I love the prayers of children. They are so honest. They don't sensor their thoughts or hide their fears. They don't aim to impress nor do they worry about their vocabulary or what people might think. It is the prayers of my own children that moves me to consider that...

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Peace in Obedience

Peace in Obedience

Today when I was in town and standing in line waiting at a store to use the Kodak picture maker, I watched a mother and her child.They had on the same white shirt with black sleeves.The child’s hung freely around her waist, while the older woman’s shirt hugged every...

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Dr. Michelle Bengtson

About Dr. Michelle Bengtson, Neuropsychologist, Author, International Speaker

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