I love to read a great book, and when I do, I love to share it with friends so they can be blessed too. And as a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, I often get asked to share resources to help others with whatever battle they are facing. As a podcast host, I have the opportunity to read many books written by the guests I interview on the program.

I think an impactful book makes a great gift, so as we lead up to the holidays, I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite reads and best books to gift and read from the past year or two. (And I’d love to hear about your favorite reads in the comments below!)

(When you use the links included here to purchase any of these items, as an affiliate, I will receive a small bonus without any additional cost to you. Win-Win!)


Best Book for Helping Busy Women Reclaim the Peace of the Holidays

Book cover Simply Christmas by Tama Fortner

Holidays are stressful for the majority of us, although I tend to think that the majority of stress falls to women who are usually charged with the bulk of the planning, shopping, wrapping, mailing, baking, cooking, and cleanup. I’ve gone through seasons where I had to simplify significantly just to make it through the holidays. Because of that, I’m a fan of helping others to do the same so that we can enjoy the holidays as they were intended to be. That’s why I interviewed friend and author, Tama Fortner, on a recent episode of the podcast to share how she learned to simplify her Christmas efforts. I love Tama, I loved our conversation, and I so appreciate her book, Simply Christmas: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Reclaiming the Peace of the Holidays.

Too often the stress and busyness of the season make it difficult to reflect on the wonder and gift of our Savior’s birth. But this book will delight your heart with its beautiful photos and thought-provoking devotions to usher peace back into an otherwise busy season. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Daily Devotional for Improving Your Day

Book cover of  Today is Going to be a Good Day by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

What we focus on grows. So, when our feelings or our circumstances take us down the negativity rabbit hole, our perception of our whole day becomes darkened. Yet, when we train our brains to focus on the truth of God’s character and His promises, our perspective of our day changes and any day can be a good day. This book was birthed out of an extremely painful time in my life when I needed a reason to go on, and I needed something to cling to. One by one, I clung on to God’s promises, I began to rise above my devastating circumstances, and you can too. Today is Going to be a Good Day: 90 Promises From God to Start Your Day Off Right helps start your on a positive note to carry you through the rest of the day. 2022 AWSA Golden Scroll Award Finalist. -> Buy on Amazon or Save 30% when you Buy from Baker Publishing


Best Creative Bible Study

Book cover for Discovering Good News in John by Pam Farrel

Sometimes our Bible study time can seem mundane or monotonous, lacking in life and excitement. A great way to add the spark back into your Bible study time is by engaging in a creative Bible Study like Discovering the Good News in John by Pam Farrel and friends. I interviewed Pam on the podcast about creative Bible study and Discovering the Good News in John. You’ll be able to listen to that episode in the next few weeks! -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Praying Through Every Emotion

Praying through Every Emotion: Experiencing God’s Peace No Matter What by Linda Evans Shepherd

Linda Evans Shepherd is a popular speaker and noted authority on prayer. In her book, Praying Through Every Emotion: Experiencing God’s Peace No Matter What, Linda helps the reader find emotional balance through targeted, Scripture-based prayer. Linda was a guest on the podcast, and you can listen to that episode on praying through difficult emotions here. When your emotions leave you without adequate words to pray, this book comes to the rescue. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Regaining a Healthy, Biblical Body Image

Your Worthy Body: Find Freedom in Health by Breaking All the Rules by Amy Connell

Over the years I have believed so much false rhetoric about my body and caring for my body. Thank you, Amy Connell, for interjecting truth into all the false rules for having a healthy body. I stayed frustrated because my body never did look like the ones spouting all the rules. Amy has written clearly and eagerly to change all of it in her book, Your Worthy Body: Find Freedom in Health by Breaking All the Rules. She wants us to live a life of balance, freedom and grace by breaking the ‘rules’ and reframing the way we think about our health and fitness. I tried to follow the rules but I just never got where I wanted to be. I now know, with Amy’s help, that my body will not be perfect. Amy and I talked about health rules we need to break on a recent podcast episode. Her book is full of anecdotes from her personal experience as a wife, mom, friend and certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. There are dozens of resources at the end of each chapter that include workouts, recipes and journal prompts. Let’s put Amy’s insights into practice. I’m ready, how about YOU? -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Breaking the Carbohydrate Addiction

7 Steps to get off sugar and carbohydrates 150

This Healthy Living Series includes 3 books that offer the opportunity to determine the root causes and solutions for your ill health or excessive weight so you can experience a more abundant life and also feel good again. Susan U. Neal shares 3 books in 1 in this series: 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates which provides a day-by-day plan to wean your body off these addictive products and regain your health; a Christian Study Guide for 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates which provides a group experience to help implement the plans in 7 Steps also giving accountability and encouragement that will improve your chance for success and a Healthy Living Journal that will help you make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. During six weeks you will commit to spend a few minutes a day recording your eating choices and how your body responds which will solve your personal health puzzle. Susan encourages you to take this journey to recover your health and achieve all the blessings the Lord has in store for you. You will learn more practical information and useful resources by listening in to the podcast episode with Susan on improving your health and weight. -> Buy on Amazon.


Best Book for Teaching Our Children Healthy Eating Habits

Eat God's Food by Susan Neal, RN

I’m sure we remember so well our children refusing to eat something we have fixed because they do not want to try something new, or it just doesn’t look right to them. Children do have some strong opinions about food but instead of letting their taste buds rule what you fix for a meal, we can teach them early to love the right kinds of foods. This is what Susan Neal shares in her new book, Eat God’s Food: Kids Activity Guide to Healthy Eating. God created good food that is healthy and will help the children grow strong. Our bodies need different foods to grow and work well. Susan shares how to find healthy activities and cooking adventures to ensure that our kids not only learn about healthy food but have fun too. She also helps kids learn how to care for their bodies to become healthy adults. They will learn about the different food groups God created and that they are good to eat and good for them. Susan was a guest on the podcast twice this year, and you can find those engaging conversations here on carbohydrate addiction and here on healthy eating for children. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Gaining A Healthy Relationship with Food

Eat Live Thrive by Danna Demetre Robyn Thompson

In Eat, Live, Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan. To Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism, Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson have brought to us a very practical, science-based diet book that unravels the mystery of why women gain weight as they age. It shows us, as women, we can not only lose excess body fat for good but we can also improve our overall health in such critical areas as brain function, resistance to disease, slowing down external aging, and increasing energy. Their plan, which is highly effective, is shared with compassion from two women who are experienced health coaches. They share their own personal experiences with weight and emotional eating issues. Their book gives you a very viable eating plan that we can adhere to and follow indefinitely. Using a minimum of sugar, emphasizing short-term intermittent fasting, they show us a simple lifestyle change that makes it easier and more effective to reach health and weight loss goals. If you missed the podcast episode with Danna, you can listen to seeing our health and body from God’s perspective here. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Less Stressed Living

Book cover Stressed Less Living by Tracie Miles

Are you ready for a stress cure? As women we yearn for a quick fix to the stress that we are experiencing. This book by Tracie Miles offers life-changing, heart-renewing, long-lasting remedies to bring you peace even when things truly feel out of control. There are no quick fixes or easy answers but in a world of unrest and stress, you can find the peace you yearn for. Tracie helps women unload the pressure cooker of life and learn to rely on the peace that God promises in His Word. In Stressed Less Living: Finding God’s Peace in Your Chaotic World, Tracie uncovers the truth found in Scripture that will help you overcome fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and, also, she shows the stressed woman how she can survive stress and thrive in spite of it. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Conquering Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

Breaking Anxiety's Grip: How To Reclaim the Peace God Promises by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Ours is an age of anxiety. We worry about our children, jobs, homes, health, and finances. News and social media feed our fears. Even the fear of missing out leads to anxiety. The solution isn’t to rid ourselves of the sources of anxiety but to recognize that anxiety originates from a spiritual influence–and then use the weapons of power, love, and a sound mind to fight back and live in God’s peace. Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises by Dr. Michelle Bengtson provides tools to cope with the crushing emotional burden of anxiety now, and, more importantly, shows you how to reclaim God’s peace as a way of life so that you can break anxiety’s grip. Breaking Anxiety’s Grip is the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association’s 2020 Book of the Year, the first-place winner for the Best Christian Living Book, the 2020 Carolina Christian  Writer’s Conference Contest winner for nonfiction, and winner of the 2021 Christian Literary Award’s Reader’s Choice Award in all four categories for which it was nominated (Non-Fiction Victorious Living, Christian Living Day By Day, Inspirational Breaking Free and Testimonial Justified by Grace categories.) -> Buy on Amazon


Best Marriage Book for Treating the Perfection Infection That Plagues Many Marriages

No More Perfect Marriages by Mark and Jill Savage

Marriages are just not perfect, but they can always get better. Is your marriage floundering and you do not know what to do? Is there no spark anymore? What happened? Is the problem the Perfection Infection? That happens when we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves or our spouses and that leads to behavior that will kill intimacy like infidelity which is what led to Mark and Jill Savage’s issues. This couple speaks honestly and openly about their struggles, how they came back together from betrayal and the principles of keeping a strong marriage today in their book, No More Perfect Marriages: Experience the Freedom of Being Real Together. They guide us in everything we need to know to kick the Perfection Infection out of our marriages and return to intimacy. Mark and Jill were popular guests on the podcast, so if you missed that episode, you’ll want to listen here for rebuilding trust in marriage. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Married Couples Who Need Mentoring from a Couple Who’s Been There

Book cover for The Marriage Mentor by Steve and Rhonda Stoppe

Richard Blackaby, PhD has a message to share about Steve and Rhonda Stoppe, “Steve and Rhonda Stoppe debunk misleading myths with grace, humor, and candor and leave you with hope that your marriage can become more than the stuff of your dreams.” How do you grow your marriage? One step at a time. It is so good when your good friends are a couple that are dedicated to helping you build the marriage you have always wanted. Those friends are Steve and Rhonda Stoppe. Rhonda and I had a great conversation about laughing out loud when times are hard on the podcast that I know you’ll want to listen to. She and Steve have spent that last 30 years helping couples build marriages with no regrets. There are many success secrets they have discovered and they share them in this easy-to-read, fun and interactive book, The Marriage Mentor: Becoming the Couple You Long to Be. It will help you learn to engage in conversation that is meaningful, your hope will be renewed for lifetime love and you can break free from the regrets that will hold you back. Reading each page is like having an open conversation with a friend. There is laughter and you will learn from a biblical perspective the secrets to enjoying your marriage that will last a lifetime. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Mom’s Raising Sons

The sons we have will be the future men of God, so mothers have a very special calling to shape these men. Rhonda Stoppe, who is mom to two sons, knows that shaping men is a challenge, a joy, and probably the most important work of a woman’s life. She draws from her years of ministering to youth, to women and from her own parenting experience to provide refreshing, relevant, biblical and contemporary examples and humorous insights so that she can help each reader discover how moms can guide sons without hovering or smothering in her book, Moms Raising Sons to be Men. How they can use each action and choice to serve a godly goal and what ways they can communicate so the boy will listen and hear what she is saying. Moms will discover God’s power and grace to become and give her best. They are many practical helps from parenting experts and other moms. It is inspirational and will revive the faithfulness and fortitude a woman needs to be a partner with God in shaping the character and heart of a future godly man. Rhonda was an engaging and dynamic guest on the podcast, so I know you’ll want to listen to her episode on breaking free from regrets. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Learning How to Slow Down and Un-hurry Your Heart

Growing Slow by Jennifer Dukes Lee

Is it time to unhurry your heart and life? Jennifer Dukes Lee gives you a way to break from the fast pace of life, to enjoy nature and all it offers for relaxation and a slower life and you will discover the meaningful gift of growing slow in her book, Growing Slow: Lessons on Un-hurrying Your Heart from an Accidental Farm Girl. Many of us are afraid to slow down for we might miss something. Yet, if we truly look honestly at our life, we spend all our time being stressed, out of sorts, frustrated and pushing to succeed. Let inspiring author, Jennifer Dukes Lee, offer you a path to unhurried living by returning to the rhythm of the land and learning the ancient art of Growing Slow. Jennifer tells her story of being at the breaking point herself and the realization that she was running hard, scaling fast and in a never-ending chase for results but it was taking a great toll on her body, heart and soul. She uses eloquent truths and vivid storytelling to reflect on the lessons she has learned leading to a new kind of freedom. She lives on a fifth-generation farm and has gained many insights from the farm and from a study of the life of Christ. He was never in a hurry and Jennifer has found a rooted way of living where the good things of life are deep and lasting. My conversation with Jennifer on the podcast about how to slow down encouraged my heart, and I know it’ll encourage yours as well. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Learning How to Move from Fear to Faith and Say Yes to God

My Yes is on the Table by Jenn Hand

Is it time for you to say Yes to God? What is keeping you from saying yes? Is it fear? Is it the risk? Is it others negative comments? Whatever the reason you have not taken the stop of ‘Yes’ to God, you are missing His Best place for you! It is going to take some faith steps from you to reach His Promised Land for you. In this book, My Yes Is On The Table: Moving from Fear to Faith Jenn Hand wants you to be able to say to God that ‘My Yes is on the Table’! Jenn wants your yes to be yes and for you to go all in with God! Jenn takes you into the life of the Israelites as they finally journey into the Promised Land with Joshua. Each chapter will challenge you to move from fear stops to faith steps. You do not know where you will end up as you take those faith steps. God is calling but fear has kept you paralyzed. NO MORE! Instead of letting fear stop you short, let faith move you forward into all that God has for you. You will experience newfound confidence and holy boldness. Get ready to put your YES on the table. On her episode of the podcast, Jenn shared how she got to the place she is now, having put her yes on the table, and what she hopes for you. I hope you’ll take time to listen. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book to Encourage You to Move Forward After Tragedy

Life Can Be Good Again by Lisa Appelo

What would you do if you woke up to your husband’s dying breaths? Lisa Appelo experienced this pain and so much more when she became a young widow with seven children. Her life was shattered, and she didn’t know what to do. Who is she now? A widow. A single mom with no income! Suddenly she was navigating a life she did not sign up for and the raw emotions and uncertainty was overwhelming. She had so many questions as she dealt with her grief and helped her children deal with theirs. Listen to Lisa’s podcast episode about hanging on to threadbare hope, and read this amazing book, Life Can Be Good Again: Putting Your World Back Together After It All Falls Apart and learn through her compassion and rich biblical insight, how you walk this difficult and seemingly impossible road. When massive change like this comes, it is so hard to process it all, especially the hard emotions. God will reshape your shattered heart with His purposeful plans and with each tender, intentional step, you will see that you won’t just survive this season but life CAN be good again. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Moms to be Encouraged that What They Do Matters

Book cover of Mom, You're Amazing by Jenny Dean Schmidt

Mom, do you feel undervalued and not appreciated? Jenny Dean Schmidt, wants you to know that YOU ARE AMAZING! In her book, Mom, You’re Amazing, she asked eight amazing moms to share their stories of triumphs and tragedies while they were raising their children. The moms share their secret that they have learned so that other moms will be encouraged and inspired in their very important role of raising the next generation. She celebrates the value of motherhood in a world that places so little value on a mom’s role. These eight women will challenge you to become the best mom you can be while understanding that the role of a mom is hard. As these moms share, you are brought into their life and circumstances to see how they coped and found victory as a mom. They faced challenges just as you do, and they learned lessons that they are willing to share with you to help you. Jenny’s book will be one that you will want to read annually for a super pep talk. You will be encouraged, inspired and will want to embrace the role of mom as of great value. For more encouragement, tune in to Jenny’s episode on the podcast where we talked about words of encouragement for mothers. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Women to Live Up to God’s Call on Their Lives

How do we as women fit into this changing world that involves us? We demand and deserve safety, respect and opportunities but how do we get these. Ronne Rock knows and shares in this amazing book, One Woman Can Change the World: Reclaiming Your God-Designed Influence and Impact Right Where You Are, where she takes us on an adventure, a global adventure to discover what is our divine design as a woman of influence and impact. She gives powerful personal stories of women around the world, and you will learn what it means to lead in a world where leadership is not easy. How do we serve in cultures that are difficult with grace, and how do we embrace our God-given physical, emotional, and spiritual DNA? You will be inspired as you read about women whose lives are influencing their communities even in countries where oppression happens most often and be ready to reclaim your God-designed influence and impact right where you live. To hear more of Ronne’s story, listen in on this episode of the podcast on learning about God’s purpose for your life. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Adjusting to the Empty Nest

Empty Nest, Full Life by Jill Savage

Can you thrive after your kids leave home? OK, the day has come!! It seemed so far away when they were little but they grew up and are on their own doing pretty well. BUT what about you two? Will you survive? I’ve been adjusting to that, and Jill Savage and I talked about adjusting to the empty nest on a recent episode of the podcast. Most moms go between grief and delight but also feeling at loose ends, are so full of questions, hopes and even regrets. Empty nesting can be a really disorienting time, yet it can also be the best time of your life. In Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God’s Best for Your Next, Jill Savage offers you wisdom for the cloudy seas ahead. She will t each you what you need to release and what you can hold on to. You can hold on to encouragement when you feel confused and discoursed. There are many stories and new insights available. You will find your spirits soaring and hope being renewed. She shares ideas with you for when you do not know ‘What’s Next?’. Jill offers many practical ideas for coping and thriving in this new encore season. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Keeping a Happy Heart Despite Difficult Circumstances

Happy Heart: Staying Centered in God’s Love During Chaotic Circumstances by Tricia Goyer

How do we keep a happy heart? So many situations in our life can hamper happiness: work stress, financial difficulties, family problems, raising kids, sickness! In a world that is running so fast, there is much chaos for all of us, and it really does not seem to ever slow down. It is easy to misplace our joy and peace. Is that what you want? Tricia Goyer understands what it is like to be pulled in so many different directions as you seek to do all things well. We had a wonderful, practical conversation on the podcast about how to keep your heart happy that you’ll want to listen to. As a busy homeschooling mom of 10 children with several still at home, also a caregiver for her aging grandmother, a speaker, a blogger, she knew what it was to not measure up. She kept pursuing though and found some uncomplicated but very effective practices for nourishing your soul, a very important thing since all things come from the heart. In Heart Happy, Staying Centered in God’s Love through Chaotic Circumstances, you will be inspired to stay tied to the lover of your soul. So important to take time to make your heart happy in the Lord and to grow closer to your Heavenly Father. True transformation must come from the inside out. You can have peace and joy no matter what is happening in your life. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book for Coping With Depression

Hope Prevails by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

I treated patients for 20 years with conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and everyday stress, before I, too, suffered and then realized that unless we treat the spiritual root of disease, we are effectively only attempting to put a band aid on an infection and hoping it will get well. Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression is written from a dual-perspective of a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, but also someone who has walked through depression’s valley. It explains where depression comes from, what keeps us trapped in its valley, how to break free, as well as the limits God places on depression’s impact. It also offers end of chapter application “prescriptions,” encouraging song playlist recommendations, and a prayer for the reader. For those who purchase the book, there is a link for a bonus chapter regarding how to help a depressed loved one. Even if you don’t struggle with depression, you have a friend or loved one who does and who would benefit from this resource! “Hope Prevails” won the 2017 Christian Literary Awards prestigious Henri and Reader’s Choice Awards! -> Buy on Amazon


Best Bible Study When Struggling With Depression or Anxiety

Hope Prevails Bible Study by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

In response to reader requests following the release of Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression, there is now a new companion Hope Prevails Bible Study to take you even deeper into God’s word for greater help, hope, and healing. The Hope Prevails Bible Study was written for those struggling with depression, or those who desire to better understand depression to support their friends, loved ones, and fellow church members who suffer. It was written so that it could be a side-by-side accompaniment to the original Hope Prevails, or could be studied independently. It was also intentionally written so that an individual could study it by themselves, or in a small group environment. True to the original Hope Prevails, it also offers end of chapter application “prescriptions,” encouraging song playlist recommendations, and a prayer for the reader. The Hope Prevails Bible Study won the 2018 Christian Literary Awards prestigious Reader’s Choice Award! -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book to Help You Hold Onto Your Faith and Hope in God During Painful Seasons

Swimming for Freedom: A True Story of Faith, Hope and Freedom by Tera Bradham DeNeui

Tera Bradham was on her way upward towards the Olympics as a pre-teen swimmer when an injury sidelined that quest and chronic pain entered her life. It changed the path God had for her. She thought she was super disciplined as a swimmer but found that discipline in spending time with God in His Word and a daily quiet time. God was faithful in her suffering, and she could never walk away from him. Tera and I had a great conversation, very real and raw, on the podcast about looking at pain as a gift so I know you’ll want to listen in. Pain can close you in and will force you to look at God. Jesus suffered greatly and he understands our suffering. He heals people in a way that will bring him glory. Hear Tera’s story of living with chronic pain and experiencing God redeeming it in her book, Swimming for Freedom: A True Story of Faith, Hope, and Victory-The Inspirational Story of Tera Bradham’s Unconventional Comeback. You can experience some healing physically, but the ultimate healing will be in your heart. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Book to Help Understand Forgiveness and How to Forgive Even When Others Aren’t Sorry

Forgiving the Nightmare by Mark Sowersby

In Forgiving the Nightmare, Mark Sowersby shares his testimony of forgiveness, God’s grace, and how he was able to overcome in the midst of all the hurts in his life, the pain and the abuses he suffered. His life has been restored and he has been rescued through the power of God’s love, Word and prayer. He has a powerful and timeless testimony of reconciliation to give hope to others who are broken, who have shattered dreams and very damaged relationships. Mark shares his incredible story of health, healing and hope through Jesus. For more on Mark’s amazing story of forgiving the seemingly unforgiveable, listen in on my conversation on the podcast. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Bible Study to Help us Experience Revival in Our Own Hearts

Do you long to feel a closer connection to God? To discern His voice, experience His peace, and live in His joy? On an upcoming episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspecitve podcast, I chatted with friend and author, Erica Wiggenhorn how to experience God’s faithfulness when surrounded by uncertainty, how to reignite our hope instead of losing heart, and how to realize the call of God, reawakening our purpose when we experience revival in our own hearts. Erica’s newest Bible study, The Unexpected Revival: Experiencing God’s Goodness Through Disappointment and Doubt is an 8-week study of Ezekiel to help you feel a closer connection to God, to discern his voice, experience his peace, and live in his joy. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Devotional for the Busy Person in Need of Rest

Lakeside Retreat by Marci Seither

Life is busy. There always seems to be more to do than time to do it. Do you struggle to rest effectively to refill and refuel? Marci Seither and I recently chatted on an episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast about how to rest effectively to refill and refuel when life is busy. She also shared a helpful blog post about putting rest into the holiday rush. Marci’s new book, Lakeside Retreat: Life-Giving Devotions from a Restful Shore will make a great gift for the water-loving reader, or anyone who needs permission to take a few minutes to rest. This book stays on the ottoman of my home on the water, and has been enjoyed by many guests! -> Buy on Amazon


Best Children’s Book for Navigating Between Teaching about Santa Claus Versus the Birth of Christ

Book cover The Legend of Christmas: An Untold Story of the Real St. Nicholas by Theresa White

The Santa question often leaves Christian parents wondering if they should indulge the fantasy or keep their focus on Jesus. The Legend of Christmas: An Untold Story of the Real St. Nicholas by Theresa White gives parents a delicate balance of keeping the wonder of Christmas, family traditions, and the truth about the birth of Christ. Through this new, historically accurate story, children discover the man who became a legend by following his faith in a dark age of plagues and persecution. In this story, children are invited to believe in a brave, rugged man with white hair and beard, whose heart was not hardened under persecution. It reveals a man who followed his faith so completely, that he became a legend as old as Christmas. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Children’s Books

Book cover Forever with Jesus by Lee Ann Mancini

Book cover God's Gift: Adventures of the Sea Kids

On a recent episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast, I chatted with Lee Ann Mancini about raising our children to have a strong foundation in Jesus. She also shared a guest blog post with our readers about whether or not the trajectory we want for our children can be sabotaged. Lee Ann Mancini, has a passion for equipping parents with valuable resources to raise their children to have a strong foundation in Jesus—the only foundation that will last. That’s why I would encourage you to pick up a copy of Forever With Jesus or God’s Gift: Adventures of the Sea Kids for any of the littles on your gift giving list. -> Buy on Amazon


Best Joke Book Written for a Kid by a Kid

Book cover You're Joking Me by William Daniel

If your kids (and adults, too) are in need of a good laugh, you’ll want to grab a copy of You’re Joking Me: Jokes for Kids by a Kid (Burst Out Laughing) by William Daniel. This laugh-out-loud joke book is filled with good, clean fun including more than 400 puns, riddles, one-liners and knock-knock jokes. All written by a kid for kids. -> Buy on Amazon




I love to read a great book, and when I do, I love to share it with friends so they can be blessed too. As a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, I often get asked to share resources to help others with whatever battle they are facing. These are some of my favorite reads and my recommendations for best books to gift and read from the past year or two. Impactful books make great gifts.