I heard a story once about a girl who was bullied because of facial scars and deformities. She would always look down on herself for not being beautiful in others’ eyes and never wanted anyone to leave her out. She was picked on but she stayed strong in her faith and was able to stand righteous. She stood up to the bullies and eventually they backed down. Eventually she learned how you are always beautiful in God’s eyes, and how you can always stand tall in the face of the devil.

Here’s the sad story relayed by one of my classmates:

“No matter what we are going through God will always be there with us. When we’re tired, beat down, and broken, God will always be there. I have experienced bullying. In elementary school, it wasn’t that bad. There was some name calling and being left out of group projects but I had enough friends that it didn’t really matter. There was one kid who annoyed me constantly and I was able to fend him off throughout elementary school. It got worse in middle school though. He moved up with me into the school. It got worse in 6th grade. He spread rumors that I didn’t know how to ride a bike, and that I acted smart but that all my grades were failing. I didn’t tell anyone. I thought I could handle it. Luckily, he left in seventh grade and started to be homeschooled.

“Yet, there was another bully ready to take his place. He was friends with one of my friends and that was what made it unbearable. I had him in gym class. We had lockers in gym and if ever I forgot to put something in my locker it ended up (magically) in someone else’s locker and I would have to ask the coach to let me get it. I dreaded gym class. I was always being targeted, most of the time being the first one out (though 25% of the time it may just of been my own un-athletic ability). I tried to tell the coach but all he did was put me and my tormentor on the same team. That was worse. Then he had access to me more than when I came to the front of the boundary.

“In eighth grade he moved away; but, you guessed it, there was a group of popular kids in my classes. Everyone dreaded talking to them. I considered once slapping them across their perfect faces and knocking some respect into them. The entire way through middle school I had been pushing away everyone except for a select few I cared about. I now know that I need to show that I’m not scared and stand up to the bullying. I’m now in 9th grade with a small group of friends I care about. Please don’t wait. Tell someone. Don’t worry about extra pressure at home. Relieve the pressure at school.”

When we’re being bullied it can seem like the devil is slowly putting more weight on us until we topple at his feet. If we hand everything over to God, He can handle it and more. Love yourself and don’t ever let anyone say who you are. Only God has the authority to say anything about you because He created you.

Galatians 5:1- “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”– God has set you free, don’t let anyone enslave you again.

Hopeful by Bars and Melody

Bars and Melody - Hopeful (Official Video)

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