Trusting God In the Storm

Trusting God In the Storm

This wasn’t the first major storm I’d faced, and it wouldn’t be the last. Jesus warned we’d face trials. But He also gave us hope. That’s what I clung to.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

The storm didn’t end, but I learned about trusting God in the storm and trusting Him to be my peace in the storm.

Are you facing a storm? Our attitude in the midst of the storm impacts the outcome. Read more for encouragement to trust God to see you through.

10 Bible Verses When Depressed

10 Bible Verses When Depressed

When I was in the depths of my depression, I needed HOPE! I needed to be reminded of God’s character and to know that despite my feelings, I could trust God to see me through any situation. I firmly believe that our best defense is to memorize and recite Bible verses when depressed so we can use God’s truth to combat the lies of the enemy.

Recently, a reader asked about scripture to stand on for one who struggles with depression or anxiety. My suggestion? Memorize, recite and stand on these 10 Bible verses when depressed or when feeling down and need to be filled with hope.

Yes, Even Christians Get Depressed, but There is Hope!

Yes, Even Christians Get Depressed, but There is Hope!

I recently had the opportunity, given to me by a very brave pastor, who asked me to preach on the fact that even Christians get depressed.

I’ve talked to many pastors, who have told me that no one in their church suffers from depression. I then scratch my head and wonder what planet they are on. You only have to open up your Bible to see that Jonah, and Elijah, and Job, and David struggled with depression. David said numerous times, “Why so downcast oh my soul?”

“Why so downcast oh my soul?” I could have written that line back in the day when I walked through the valley of depression.

Read more for hope to overcome the giant of depression.

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