Our worldly experiences often shape our perceptions and our attitudes. In a recent episode of Your Hope Filled Perspective podcast, Tina Smith and I discussed what does it mean to be a child of God and what a difference that makes in our lives. If you missed that episode, you can click to listen here – How To Engage in Spiritual Warfare – Episode 97. Since this is one of the most important topics that impacts every aspect of our lives, I asked Tina to share more of her thoughts here.

What Does It Mean To Be a Child of God?
by Tina Smith

Who are you?

I am so and so’s spouse, I am so and so’s mother, I am a nurse, doctor, secretary, pilot…you fill in that blank. These are the typical answers to that question. However, is that who you really are?

Placing your identity in what you do is a guarantee that you will be blown and tossed by every wind of change that comes your way. What happens if your spouse dies? What is your identity when all your children leave your home? How about if you lose your job? With each life change, then your identity changes with it.

Who we are as children of God

Our true identity lies in who we are as a child of God. When we hang our hat on who God says we are in the Bible, we are sure to be standing on solid ground. There is nothing we do that can ever change who we are.

Taking steps to search the scriptures to understand what Christ already did for you on the cross ensures that you won’t be spinning your wheels trying to become who He says you already are.

As a child of God, you are secure, you are accepted, and you are significant. These are the core values we are all seeking in the things we do. Realizing that these are settled gives us the ability to walk out our salvation with freedom and victory instead of always feeling defeated trying to become who we already are.

The spiritual battle we fight as a child of God

As a child of God, we are also seated in Christ at the right hand of the Father. Because of this, the spiritual battle that is being fought all around us is already won.

We fight from a position of victory against the spiritual forces of darkness. The battle is played on a vertical plane rather than a horizontal one. The enemy’s position is under our feet. The only authority the enemy has over us is what we allow him to have.

Walking out your true identity and fighting the spiritual battle as a spouse, parent, and employee changes your perspective. With a renewed perspective of who you are in Christ and what your true identity is, you are guaranteed to live out your life with Christ in the freedom and victory He died for despite what comes your way.

How have you come to truly appreciate your true identity in Christ? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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About Tina Smith

Tina Chambers Smith, Raising Kids on your KneesTina Chambers Smith is a writer, author, teacher, and founder of Raising Kids on Your Knees, a ministry focused on equipping Moms and Dads to pray and parent life into the lives of our children. She has seen the power of prayer in her own children’s lives and believes there is no better way for us, as parents and guardians, to raise our children than on our knees in daily prayer for them. Through her weekly prayer sheets, Tina leads a Prayer Tribe of parents from around the world in daily prayer for their children. To subscribe to the Prayer Tribe, visit RaisingKidsonYourKnees.org. Tina has several children’s books and books on the healing process after abortion available to purchase on Amazon.com. Tina and her husband, Rod, have four children and three grandchildren.

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When people as who we are, we typically explain whose spouse we are, we’re so and so’s mom, or what our occupation is. But that isn’t truly who we are. Our identity is not based on what we do, it’s based on who we are in Christ. Freedom and victory come when we understand who we are in Christ. #Christianity #identity #purpose