Coaching for Writers:

Helping New Writers Transform the Dream in their Heart into a Publishable Written Work.

Coaching for New Writers with Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Coaching for Writers with Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Have you ever felt called to write a book but weren’t sure where to begin or how to organize it?

Do you have a book in your heart that’s waiting to be written, but don’t know how to navigate the exotic world of agents, publishers and proposals?

Do you desire to have your book published but don’t understand the advantages and drawbacks of the different publishing options?

Do you need help knowing how to craft your marketing material to present yourself professionally and appeal to both readers and publishers?

Do you need accountability to ensure that the words in your heart make their way onto the page?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you will benefit from working with Dr. Bengtson as your writing coach.

Dr. Bengtson delights in walking alongside other writers who have a dream in their heart but need help from someone just a little further along on the writing journey for help in crafting professional publishable written works. She tailors the coaching experience (pace, frequency, content) to the individual needs of her clients.

Coaching Options Include:

  • Begin the process of writing a book
  • Organize all the pieces of book writing
  • Work with agents, publishers and book proposals
  • Understand the differences between Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing
  • Produce marketing material to present yourself professionally
  • Gain accountability to move the words in your heart to the page
  • Achieve confidence in the writing and publishing process with a game plan for how to reach their writing goals.
Coaching options with Dr. B

How It Works

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

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Create a Game Plan

Create a Game Plan

Work with Dr. B to create a game plan tailored to meet your specific writing goals.

Transform Your Dream into a publishable written work

Transform Your Dream

Gain a hope-filled confidence in your own abilities to turn your dream into a publishable written work.


“I was completely over my head in my last endeavor and Dr. Michelle encouraged, exhorted, and refined my efforts! She treated me as a colleague despite my awkward initial efforts. I’m so grateful for her eagle eye, professionalism, and the hope she generated in me. She helped me believe in my abilities and gave me confidence while teaching me valuable information about the craft of writing as well as the publishing industry.
~ Elizabeth C.

More About Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Meet Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Dr. Bengtson has been writing and travelling in literary circles for more than 15 years. The insights and experiences she offers come from championing her writings through both traditional and independent publishing processes, and on into the marketplace where her works have won multiple awards.

She has developed and maintained relationships with numerous agents and editors within the industry, and helped many published and aspiring authors along their journeys.

She is active on social media and has learned how to make that both an effective marketing tool and a means to extend the reach of her thousands of blogs, media posts, articles, and podcast episodes.

Publications and Awards

Breaking Anxiety's Grip: How To Reclaim the Peace God Promises by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises (Revell, 2019).
Winner, 2021 Christian Literary Awards Reader’s Choice Award in four categories, Golden Scroll Book of the Year Award (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association), and Nonfiction Kudos Award (Carolina Christian Writers Conference.)

Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor's Personal Journey through Depression by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression (Revell, 2016).
Winner, 2017 Christian Literary Awards Henri Award.

Hope Prevails Bible Study by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Hope Prevails Bible Study (Redemption Press, 2017) Winner, 2018 Christian Literary Awards Henri Award.

Today is a Good Day - new book release coming May, 2022

Her fourth book, Today is Going to be a Good Day: 90 Promises from God to Start Your Day Right releases May, 2022 (Revell).

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