Have you ever been on a diet? Have you ever eaten something in place of what you really craved? You hoped that the replacement would fill the longing that the craved item would?

If you’re like me, I’ve done that numerous times but each time have been left unsatisfied. Generally that meant I would eat something else to fill the craving, but was still left unfulfilled. Ultimately, then, I would also end up eating the very thing I craved from the start.

You know what I mean. Reaching for the carrots instead of the chocolate square. But when the carrots didn’t satisfy, the rice cracker might. It didn’t, so the chocolate square won out. But instead of going straight for the chocolate square it ended up being carrots, rice cake AND chocolate. 

The counterfeit is like the key that doesn’t fit the lock.

I wonder how many times we repeat that scenario in life?

Have you ever sat on the couch watching mind-numbing television when what you really needed was a good walk? The counterfeit didn’t satisfy – you still feel lethargic and your muscles are one day closer to wasting away.

Have you ever said yes to a commitment in order to please someone else or stay in their good graces when what really mattered was being at peace in your heart and maybe even saying “yes” to your child’s request that you play another game of Candy Land? The counterfeit didn’t satisfy – you felt stressed out and guilty, and you’ve lost another day you can never get back.

I’ve even done that in my walk with the Lord. I chose the counterfeit rather than that which my soul really needed to be fulfilled.

I knew that spending time in His word was what my soul needed for spiritual growth, physical strength, and emotional peace. Yet I succumbed to the belief that that would take too much time and pursuing my career (or the snooze button on my alarm clock every morning) was the counterfeit I chose. I still needed His word hidden in my heart. The counterfeit didn’t satisfy – I had only succeeded in delaying my own growth.

Other times, I knew what my soul needed was to sit still in His presence. Instead I followed the lure of the busyness of my schedule. At the end of the day, what I still really needed was to sit still with Him. The counterfeit didn’t satisfy – I just felt alone.

According to John 10:10, we have a very real enemy who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Our enemy loves to offer counterfeits to tempt and distract us–anything to keep our eyes and minds off the real treasure God offers instead.

You’ve heard “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”? I’ve come to believe that that is spot on when it comes to our enemy. He offers up the “too good to be true” counterfeit pleasures and then we’re left holding the bag of fool’s gold. The counterfeit never satisfies.

But we have a sure-fire weapon to fight this enemy and win. If you are a follower of Jesus, you have the Holy Spirit living right inside you to guide you and reveal to you true treasure. If you long for this kind of help, it will require that you get still, listen, and keep your radar tuned into the still small voice of God that comes when we tune out all distraction, surrender our preconceived ideas, and wait for Him to speak. In Him, there is no confusion. He is the Spirit of Truth, the Prince of Peace, and the King of Kings. 

When have you been duped by a counterfeit, only to later find out it didn’t satisfy?

Because of Him, #HopePrevails


Have you ever been duped by a counterfeit, only to later find out it didn’t satisfy? Reaching for a carrot instead of chocolate but then eating the carrot, a rice cake and still the chocolate? The counterfeit is like the key that doesn't fit the lock. Knowing how you were duped is important to learn how to fight back.
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