I knew something had to change. I couldn’t go on as I was.

Sick and dying just a bit more each day, being kept alive on I.V. hydration and nutrition. Truthfully, I came to the point where if this was all my life was going to be, I wasn’t sure I wanted to live it.

I could no longer be the doer, the go-getter, the doctor, the wife, or the mother. About all I could DO was sleep, pray, watch sermons online, and listen to praise and worship music 24X7. I began to lose my identity.

Slowly I began to slip down the slippery avalanche into the pit of despair, into the valley of depression…

Like never before I related to David’s oft repeated words, “Why so downcast Oh my soul?”

Darkness was all I could see. Simple things like brushing my teeth and taking my vitamins took way too much effort…more than I could muster.

At first I couldn’t sleep and all I wanted to do was eat, but by the end, all I wanted to do was sleep the day away, and I could no longer eat.

Outwardly I wasted away. My body was a mere shell of its former self. I had dwindled from 113 pounds to a skeletal 74 pounds, unable to keep any food or liquid down, and dependent on IV’s to do that for me.

On the night before surgery, a dear friend and mentor called to pray for me…

For the rest of my story of how I found hope while experiencing depression, continue reading at KimAldrich.com


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5 scriptures to encourage your heart and remind you of God’s promises when suffering with depression. #Bibleverses #depression


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When I suffered with depression, my mentor prayed for me prior to a surgery. Through her discipleship and prayer, I discovered a way to use the truth of God’s Word to fight back against depression. #depression #mentalhealth


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