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I recently had the chance to interview Sarah Geringer on the Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast “How to Change your Thoughts and Transform Your Life – Episode 43” about the struggle we have with our thought lives.  The answer to all of our problems lie in scripture. In this guest post, Sarah shares 3 easy ways to meditate on God’s word. Use these practical tips to transform your life by changing your thoughts.

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Three Easy Ways to Meditate on God’s Word
by Sarah Geringer

Christian meditation is simply hiding God’s Word in your heart and mind through concentrated thought and repetition. It’s not just memorizing a Bible verse; it’s thinking about it over and over again, using it to replace negative thoughts with God’s truth. You can meditate in just a few minutes every day to gain greater peace and self-control.

For the past several years, I’ve chosen a single verse of Scripture as my theme verse for the year. I meditate on this verse literally thousands of times throughout the year. It becomes an important tool for transforming my thinking. I never forget it after meditating on it that many times. The verse helps define that season of my life.

In 2019, I chose the New Living Translation of Psalm 138:8 as my meditation verse: “The Lord will work out his plans for my life.” The verse helped me remember to trust God for all the plans that unfolded. I knew it was a year of big plans which would require great trust. To meditate on it regularly, I used several different methods that you can also use for whichever verse you choose.

Practical ways to meditate on God’s word

1. Write it out.

You have up to 40 percent better memory retention when you write something out. This is also true for Scripture memory. I have written this verse out several times to test my memory and to remind me of its truth. I keep a blank notebook especially for recording Bible verses that resonate with me from my daily readings. These are the verses that “stick” most, because they are secured in my mind through transcription.

2. Speak your verse.

Every year I have had a theme verse, I pray it out loud to God. Adding an audible layer helps you root Scripture in your memory. It has great power against spiritual battles when you declare it as a prayer of faith. For example, I can pray like this: “God, I trust that you are working out your plans for my life, so I believe Satan holds no power to overcome them.” You can use this technique with almost any Scripture.

3. Display your verse.

Because I need visual reminders, I displayed my verse in two key areas: a letter board in my dining room window, and as the lock screen on my desktop computer. I see the letter board every time I sit down for a meal, and I see the lock screen several times per day when I need to wake up my computer. This is an easy way to remind yourself about God’s Word. You can use sticky notes, bookmarks, phone lock screens, coffee mugs, etc. as triggers to remember your verse.

You can pick a single verse for the year, month, week or day. Any additional action you take besides reading the verse will help you remember it better. I also ask myself questions like “What does this verse tell me about God?” and “What does this verse tell me about serving others?” depending on the context. You’ll get much more out of any verse that you choose by layering these methods of Christian meditation.

What are your favorite ways of meditating on God’s word? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

About Sarah Geringer:

Sarah Geringer, authorSarah Geringer writes about finding peace in God’s Word at sarahgeringer.com. She is also on the writing teams for Encouragement for TodayWoman 2 Woman MinistriesA Wife Like Me and Devotable. Sarah also writes for Hope-Full Living, a quarterly publication for senior citizens.

When she’s not reading over 100 books per year, Sarah enjoys prayer walks, gardening, baking, painting and playing the flute. She lives in her beloved southeast Missouri with her husband and three children.

Stay connected with Sarah Geringer: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest / YouTube / LinkedIn / Goodreads


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Meditation is more than just memorizing a Bible verse. Meditating on Scripture will transform your thinking by replacing negative thoughts with God’s truth. Change your life with these 3 easy ways to meditate on God’s truth. #meditation #Christian #faith #prayer #Scripture #Bibleverses