Imagine with me for a second that, for your entire life, you were told that the ocean was red. I’m not about to go into the details of why the red sea was named what it was, but just stay with me for a moment. Now imagine, that you are talking about the ocean with a friend. You would argue that the ocean was red as if it were a true fact because that was what you have been told. But why?

Few people would see choices and ideas as if they were simply true or false or as they were binary coding. But we act on what information we have. We act on information we receive as if it were as true, as if it were written in stone. So, if we are able to act on information as if it were ones and zeros in a machine, then why do we go halfway for Christ, saying that we believe but rarely acting it out. Why is it, that when asked, “Do you believe?” we act like a politician stalling to formulate an answer?

With God, we can’t engage halfway. Machines run on binary code, using 1’s and 0’s. And we act on information the same way, believing it to be true (1) or false (0). We have to give all (1) or nothing (0), because when you try to balance at a .5 instead of a full 1 or 0, it will corrupt the entire system.

When programming, a runtime error is when the code put in is correct, but something is still off. This is what happens with an “error 404” when you enter in a website address yet it cannot be found. This is also what happens when you try to live at a .5 in your life. We can do everything right; we can put in all the ones and zeros correctly; we can know what is true and false, yet a single .5 can cause a “runtime error” in life. Because, if you knew the ocean was blue, and you can verify it, you would act on the information as true. So why do we still refuse to say it is truth to God? Why is the only .5 you try to hold in your life the one for the creator of the universe? Because, when coding, you can pretend that you round to a one, but you will get what you put in. So, will you get a full one, or a runtime error?

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me” (Matthew 15:8). – They say they love the Lord but they turn their backs until the following Sunday.

A Capella by Chase Goehring

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Sharing Hope for the Next Generation

Bryce Bengtson, teen blogger, sharing Hope for the Next Generation
Bryce Bengtson
Are you engaging with God halfway? When you try to remain halfway between all in and nothing, you get a runtime error. #God #Christianity #faith #Hope ForTheNextGeneration


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