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As a neuropsychologist, I’ve met thousands of patients interested in finding freedom from what ails them. Just the word “freedom” has a liberating sound to it. What I have found is that we will never find freedom unless we seek it from the God of breakthrough.

I recently chatted with my friend, Jennifer Watson, author of Freedom! The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond It, on an episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective (Finding Freedom and Breakthrough), about her gutsy pursuit of freedom with the God of breakthrough.

Jennifer shared her story and how she now not only lives in freedom, but also how to pursue it. I’ve asked her to share a bit more with us here.

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Finding Freedom from the God of Breakthrough
By Jennifer Watson

“We all have a story and a majority of them are messy ones, but each one can lead us to the intersection of breakthrough and letting go.” #FreedomBook

I wrote Freedom! The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond It after going through a long season of being stuck and circling the same issues. I was ready to get to the root of the issues and make real progress in my life. Something shifted in my heart and mind when I realized that I wasn’t just celebrating my brokenness- I was magnifying it.

I was ready to do whatever it took to live all the way free, not the pseudo-freedom I was settling for. I traded the internal train wreck that I had welcomed as my norm for unwavering peace that was waiting on the other side of my bloody battle. I broke rank, took back enemy territory, and prayed that I would be able to help other women to do the same thing.

This is not a pull yourself up by the bootstraps message, or a jump through a million hoops to be worthy enough message. It’s a battle cry.

Our natural tendency is to run and hide instead of facing our battle.

It’s not the wins that make a warrior, it’s the bruised knees and the sheer determination to get back up. Everything that has happened to you becomes something that makes others beam with pride at how far you have come.

Each painful moment in our life should lead to some kind of breakthrough.

Most of the time we give up right before our life-changing breakthrough happens.


Because this is when it hurts the most.

But, breakthrough is hope moving forward even when life hurts. That moment that hurts and cuts you to the core can be your starting place where the ultimate destination is wholeness of soul.

God never wastes our pain and he sees us like no one else can – whole and wholly his. Brokenness is not our destination, wholeness is. No matter what we have been through in life, the Holy Spirit will always be more powerful than the moments that try to break us.

3 Truths for Difficult Times

If you feel stuck, here are three truths that can anchor us when we are going through difficult times:

  1. What I am facing is temporary.
  2. What I am feeling is temporary.
  3. Good things will come from this pain, even though I can’t see them yet.

When we surrender our brokenness and pain to Jesus, we not only open the door to conquering our setbacks, we also unlock the gate to our true purpose in life. Where the enemy of our souls tries to shame us, the power of God wants to shine through us. We are beacons of hope, not damaged goods. Before each breakthrough you will find a decision point: Will you keep going or shrink back?

The enemy targets those things we are actively working on. He is not creative; his tricks are the same thing on repeat. Where the enemy tries to destroy, the God who is on your side desires to employ you. You can move forward in confidence and stand on this promise:

“In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” (Ephesians 3: 12)

It’s not about what happened to us; it’s about how God wants to use it to draw us closer to Him and redeem each hard thing for our good. Those memories, scars, and tears aren’t just battle wounds- they are how warriors are made.

About Jennifer Watson

Author Jennifer WatsonJennifer Watson is the author of Freedom! The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond It.  Jennifer is a pastor’s wife, mother of two teenage daughters, and national speaker.

Jennifer has been in full-time ministry for twenty years and is passionate about investing in others.

To connect with Jennifer Watson:
Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter


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“We all have a story and a majority of them are messy ones, but each one can lead us to the intersection of breakthrough and letting go.” #FreedomBook. Read more for how to find freedom from the God of breakthrough.

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