Finding Humor in Every Day by Becky Cortino

Many have asked me recently how I stay “the happiest girl in the world” despite some very difficult circumstances. I have addressed that in other posts (Happiest Girl) and will continue to do so, but today’s guest post by my friend, Becky Cortino, gives a glimpse into the importance of finding humor in every day!

Finding Humor in Every Day – by Becky Cortino

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t turn out as planned. On days like these – and we all have them – an inconvenient challenge quickly grows into breath-taking proportions. Or maybe your day’s path morphs into a surprise obstacle course, filled with one snag after another. But there you are, running that race and blazing a trail undaunted, because you must see this through!

Unnecessary complication to a day’s activity has potential to impact progress by diverting our focus, in dealing with unforeseen impediments. Wending our way through the mess is wearisome. After a while, it begins to take a toll, reflected by mood and actions. All of it weighs heavily on our minds. You’ve been here before and know this will pass, but it’s difficult.

Finding an effective strategy to cope with inevitable unwelcomed pockets of resistance, helps us to make it through, arriving at day’s end more intact. At first suggestion, recommending looking for ways to add humor to your everyday as a solution seems counter-intuitive in that anxious place — but it works! Humor exists all around us, sometimes waiting to be found. Unfortunately, in the gravity of a heavy moment, or during a stressful event, humor may be missed right at the time it’s needed most.

Appropriate humor helps reframe unpleasant, uncomfortable, even sad circumstances. Humor reduces related anxiety and tension, providing needed balm to soothe and refresh.

Humor opens pathways of coping more confidently with a vexing situation. It can also help to diffuse an exasperating experience for those around you, helping others to relax and unify your effort or team.

You might wonder how humor can be found in the midst of difficulty. It may seem impossible, but the answer is simple. Look for humorous things, or ways of reframing predicaments, so they will be funny. Doing this may not seem easily accomplished during the storms of life, but with a change in perspective, bright, humorous glimmers of light become visible.

These brilliant flickers of hope call us through our darkness, back into the light. Often, they have been steadfastly burning through a long, dread-filled black night, or a crazy-busy overscheduled day, awaiting discovery. Perhaps we find a new way to view an annoyance from the funny flipside through a wink, a nod, a clue, or idea.

Our problem won’t disappear, but humor allows us to laugh about our plight, or something that is funny. This gives much-needed relief, and creates a feeling of being able to handle complications in a positive way. It assures us of hope in times we cannot control, giving peace even while wicked winds of discord or sadness may whip around us.

Admittedly, we do feel better when we lighten up, don’t we? The effect is not really all in our heads, as there are physiological reasons for this phenomenon. Ongoing research continues, and real science points out the positive health benefits humor has on the body.

Physiologically, laughter releases endorphins into the body, with a similar exhilarating effect of strenuous exercise. Oxygen intake is increased through laughter, replenishing and invigorating our body’s cells. Through laughter, a body’s threshold to withstand pain is increased, immunity is boosted, while relieving stress.

The simple act of laughter has some powerful results doesn’t it? In addition to health benefits, sharing a smile and looking for a glimmer of light in that dark moment, can help to brighten your day, and others’ too! It takes practice, but once you realize the difference a little levity in those trying times makes, it will soon become a natural reaction, bringing you through adversity.

Where can you find humor today?


Becky Cortino


To find out more about Becky, you can find her here: Becky Cortino
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