I jumped two feet in the air as the alarm bell blared. It was 3rd period; Library aid and therefore it was unusual for me to hear an annoying, ear rattling, UNNECESSARILY LOUD, fire bell SHATTERING MY EARDRUMS! I bolted upright to realize that it was the fire alarm. The librarian came out and guided the students in the room who didn’t know where to go; outside and onto the track; our position for fire drills. I waited for the EAR-SPLITTING sound to fade. After waiting 20 minutes for the alarm to stop and the staff to give us the okay to go inside, we filed inside going to our classrooms with little time left for what was in the period.

Sometimes God gives us an experience or an opportunity seemingly out of the blue. We may not know why, and it can be difficult to understand at first, but God helps us understand why he gives us the chance He did and why He is moving us out of our comfort zone. At other times it could very well be the enemy trying to mess you up and move you away from what God has for you. Fire drills are normally used to practice if there was a real fire. Sometimes we have to practice our trust in God and be willing to step out.

When there is danger in our lives, we have to trust God that He will show us the way out. When the fire climbs to you and seems to overwhelm you, God is always there with you covering you so you will not be burned. We have to practice trust in God often for when we don’t, and the fire comes we will not know what to do and will end up alone. When we show and practice our trust in God, and the fire comes, we will have an escape route through him.

Proverbs 3:6– “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.”— if you trust in God He will light a path for you.

Freefall by Royal Tailor

FREEFALL - Royal Tailor (Official Lyric Video)

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Fire drills help practice trust in God. When we trust Him, He covers us. If we don’t practice, and the fire comes, we will not know what to do. Step out of your comfort zone. Put your trust in God.

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