I walked around the event grounds wondering what I should do next. Or at least trying to act like I am. I nodded to the leader as we walked past as casually as I could. I saw a couple other performers ghosting around the area as I heard the music start up behind me. I turned around trying to appear confused. I grinned as I saw my teammates kill their section and as the beat dropped they made room for more of us including me going just as smoothly as we practiced. We did our section and I froze in my spot as the group leader did his solo. The music ended as the leader did his personal move. And we dispersed like nothing happened, leaving clapping audience members in our wake.

In a flash mob, very few people know it’s going to happen besides the performers. It catches people off guard and provides entertainment to audience members.

Sometimes God does something surprising in our life that may make you smile. It could be a close friend getting a good grade or getting a new puppy. Often you are able to see how well planned it is and are able to be glad you are able to see the payout of someone’s work.

God is able to surprise us in any way He wants. Often He wants to make us happy and be able to see how hard someone worked for us. Jesus is the one who was willing to work and even lay down His life so we could be happy. Today we are able to see how hard He worked so we could go up to heaven. Even when things are unexpected God is able to turn the surprise you feel into happiness at the drop of a beat.

Psalms 90:14- “Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long. – Surprise us early and we will see the work put in and be glad for it.”


Mandisa - Unfinished (Lyric Video)


Sharing Hope for the Next Generation

Bryce Bengtson, #HopeForTheNextGeneration








Bryce Bengtson


Have you ever witnessed the surprise of a flash mob? It’s supposed to catch people off guard. #faith #God #HopeForTheNextGeneration

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