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In my last post, I shared some of my top suggestions to help with your holiday gift-giving. If you haven’t seen my post, click here to read about some of my favorite books from the past year: 30 Best Books and Gifts for Book Lovers 2019. Still in need of the perfect gift for that special someone on your list? Hopefully, you’ll find that here from my recommended list of gifts that are sure to please.

24 of my favorite recommended gifts

Microwavable Neck and Shoulder Wrap

Microwavable neck and shoulder wrap
This heat therapy is a wonderful way to deliver moist heat to your neck and shoulders helps relieve pain and stress. Buy from Amazon

Vegetable Garden Starter Kit

Vegetable garden starter kit
Easy step by step way to grow vegetable plants from seed, backed by a 100% guarantee. Thorough instructions specifically made with beginners in mind. Buy from Amazon

Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Waterproof wireless speaker teal

This was one of my favorite gifts from last year, and since I continue to use it absolutely every single day, I had to share it with you this year. This portable wireless waterproof speaker is perfect for taking your tunes or favorite podcast with you while you get ready in the shower or bathroom every morning. Also perfect for camping trips or on the boat or kayak. Comes in a variety of colors. Buy from Amazon

Foldable Bluetooth headset

Foldable Bluetooth headset

Not white, and not named for a fruit, but great for multiple days of listening, and you’ll never be scrabbling under the driver’s seat for that dropped earpiece. Buy from Amazon

Belgian Chocolate Covered Smores

Belgian chocolate covered smores

Includes 6 different Smores – fluffy marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate covered graham crackers with a variety of sweet toppings from nuts to candies or chocolate drizzle. Perfect for a hostess gift, teacher gift, or a gift for the sweet-lover on your list. Buy from Amazon

4-Piece Dessert Topping Set

4 piece dessert topping set

Whether you fancy peanut butter and chocolate, or sea salt caramel, or bittersweet chocolate, this dessert topping set is sure to please this holiday season. It’s a perfect topping for pie, cake, ice cream, or added to that warm cup of coffee or cocoa. And given that it’s from Stonewall Kitchen, the quality is sure to please. Buy from Amazon

Salts of the World Collection

Salts from the world collection

From Mexico to France, this collection of salts from around the world is perfect for grilling and cooking. The collection includes a wide range of traditional salts, finishing salts, delicious smoked salts and organic peppercorns convenient to use with their flip-top jars. Buy from Amazon

Melodic Deep-Tone Wind Chimes

Melodic deep tone wind chimes

These windchimes are as beautiful to look at as they are to listen to. They turn the breeze into a musical symphony. A sure treat for any nature or music lover on your list. Buy from Amazon

Flameless Candle with Timer

Flameless candle with timer

As a candle lover, I don’t always want the scent or the flame from traditional candles. Luminara candles have the look of a traditional candle but the bonus of being flameless and offer a timer feature so that you don’t have to remember to turn the off each evening. Buy from Amazon

Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor snowball fight

While my kids received this a few years ago (living in Texas), it remains one of the most fun and most used gifts around the holidays when we break out in a good old fashioned (albeit indoor) snowball fight. Great gift and loads of fun for all ages! Buy from Amazon

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs gift set

This pack of six in assorted scents is sure to please any female on your list. Who doesn’t enjoy a warm soak after a long or cold day? This is often the kind of thing your special someone won’t spend money on themselves but will be delighted when these show up as a present or in their stocking. Buy from Amazon

Fully Microwavable Furry Boots

Fully microwavable furry boots

These boots are microwavable to warm your feet, while scented with relaxing lavender for tired and aching feet. Buy from Amazon

Heated Poncho/Wrap Blanket/Throw

Heated pancho/wrap blanket/throw

Sometimes you just need something “extra” to take off that winter chill. This can be especially true for the older generation who tend to get cold easier. What I like about this one is that it can be used as a throw blanket or like a poncho around your shoulders sitting at a desk or working around the house AND it has an automatic shutoff! Buy from Amazon

Heated Snow Melting Mat

Heated snow melting pad

Speaking of snow, if this is something you deal with, whether at home or at your place of business, you might be interested in this heated snow melting mat. It’s economical and keeps your walkway ice and snow-free. Buy from Amazon 

Peanuts Puzzle

Peanuts puzzle

Our family loves to work on a new puzzle during the holidays, but you don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy family time. Recently when I was ill and my son was visiting, we spent a day and a half snuggled under a warm blanket, drinking hot cider and assembling a peanuts puzzle I had sent him earlier in the year (He’s a bit Peanuts fan, but then again, who doesn’t love that endearing crew?). Buy from Amazon

Nerf Laser Tag

Nerf laser tag

A literal lazer blast! We invested in a 2-pack when the kids were in middle school, and then added another 2-pack when we realized how much fun they were. Us parents joined in and ended up using these as much as our children. Oldest is in college now, but these still work fine and come out of the toy bin when everyone is home. Make sure to pick up plenty of AA’s. Buy from Amazon

Kringle Danish

Kringle danish

Oh my! We have received and given these as gifts, and they have been so enjoyed that people asked for them again! They offer many flavors including apple-cinnamon, pecan, almond, raspberry, and cheesecake. You might even decide to get one for yourself—they are that good. Buy from Amazon

Swarovsky Annual Edition Ornament

Swarovsky annual edition ornament

When my children were small, I started collecting two ornaments a year for them: one fun that had something to do with the past year, and a small annual crystal Swarovsky star/snowflake so that by the time they move into their own place or marry, they will have some ornaments of their own to put on their tree. This is the larger version of Swarovsky’s annual edition Christmas ornament with the tag delineating the year. It makes a beautiful addition to any tree. Buy from Amazon

Alternative Television Options

Roku streaming video/smart TV controller– Intuitive, simple, and flexible. All your TV and online video and music subscriptions in one place. Major networks, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN, Hallmark, and others all in one place. Inexpensive to moderate, and a couple of TV’s with built-in Roku for triple-digit dollars.

Roku Express

Roku Express HD media player

Buy from Amazon

Roku Ultra w. remote finder and TV power/volume

Roku Ultra with remote finder tv power volume

Buy from Amazon

Refurbished 32″ Roku enabled 1080p LED TV

TCL 32" 1080 Smart LED Roku TV

Buy from Amazon

65″ 4K Ultra HD Roku enabled TV bundle incl wall mount, cables, and Roku remote

65" Roku Enabled TV Bundle

Buy from Amazon

Hulu streaming service

Hulu streaming service

Just the best for finding what you are looking for. No more wondering which channel has that show and when. Hulu gives you the types of shows you like (sports, news, drama, comedy…), then serves up the specific shows you like. Pick your favorite sport and teams, and those will be at the top of the selection list when they play. Subscription required. Find out more about Hulu: https://www.hulu.com/welcome

Kids Alive International

Kids Alive International

A gift for others. For over a century this charity has been active in rescuing orphans and vulnerable children in some of the most dangerous parts of the world in a loving and Christ-centered manner. The organization has strong leadership and consistently demonstrates responsible financial stewardship and accountability. Find out more about giving to Kids Alive: https://www.kidsalive.org/

I’d love to hear your best gift suggestions that are sure to please in the comments below! Has someone given you something special that you remain grateful for? I’d love to hear about it.

Wishing you a most blessed Christmas as we all appreciate the greatest gift that was ever given: Jesus!

Because of Him, Peace Prevails!


These thoughtful gifts are sure to please! Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone on your list? My list of recommended gifts includes my favorite ideas.