Some people hear God in an audible voice.  I never have. I do, however, sense God’s presence very strongly through music and in nature.


As I was standing outside one evening recently, staring at the stars, I was reminded of the song “The More I Seek You.”  You see, I had been having a conversation with God about recent events in my life – Events that only He could provide answers and solutions for.


I was praying to Him and sharing my heart.  I was telling him that I wanted to see Him more.  I wanted to know Him more.  I wanted to sit at His feet, drink from the cup in His hand, to feel His heart beat.  I was pouring out my heart. As tears started to roll down my cheek with the gut-wrenching honesty of my plea, I pleaded with Him to let me feel his arms around me, to let me know His love in a deeper and more intimate way.


As I felt the cool evening breeze envelope me, it was as if the  Lord said, “You just did.” And with that, I melted in His peace.


How do you sense the Lord’s presence?


Here’s a link to the song that was running through my head: “The More I Seek You” by Kari Jobe.

Kari Jobe - The more I seek you (Lyrics)

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