Life is hard. Sometimes things don’t go the way we hope. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. Sometimes life just seems so difficult, like we’ll never make it to our destiny.

But we can’t give up. God has plans for each of us. And those plans are good. Even when the road is long, and the way seems difficult, we have to trust Him.

On a recent family trip to the ocean, I got up early in hopes of catching the sunrise over the ocean. God and I have a little pact: if He will give me a sunrise over the water, I’ll get up for it, no matter how early it is or how tired I am. So on our first morning at the ocean, after having driven 20 hours straight to get there, I got up early while the rest of my family remained sound asleep, and sat in the drizzle while I waited for the sun as it TRIED to peak through the rain clouds in the distance.

I sat shivering on the damp sand, only partially covered by a towel, in the drizzle praying. As I glanced up, pausing in my prayer, this mighty little warrior of a sea turtle marched six inches in front of me. He quite surprised me! It wasn’t a site you saw every day, nor in fact, had I ever seen any others so close during my early morning sunrise sightings. I looked all around wondering what nest he might have come from, or where the rest of his family was, but to no avail. Solo, he was on a mission and I followed him to make sure he got there safely.

He knew his innate purpose and marched toward the sea as if God, Himself, was calling. From his perspective, the sea was so far away, and he was all alone. But he didn’t let that stop him. I got down on the ground and looked from his vantage point. I would have been tempted to give up on more than one occasion.

As you march forward on your mission, don’t give up or let anything stop you. 

A couple times he got sideways (don’t we all?) or looked back (I’ve done that too!) or even had to pause and take a break. Once he lost his way and even got turned around the way he had come momentarily, but he never gave up. He knew why he was created and he kept that as his focus.

You may get sidetracked or turned around, but keep your focus. God has a plan.

Sea turtle at beach

So even when things take a different course than you’d expect, or the path seems long and hard, or the storms come instead of sunny skies, keep your eyes on Him. None of it surprises God and He will get you where you need to be when you need to be there. Trust His plans—they are good.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Because of Him, #HopePrevails!

Depression doesn’t have to become a permanent part of life.

There is hope.

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Karol Ladd
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When you veer off course or storms come instead of sunny skies, keep your eyes on Him. God’s plans for you are good. Nothing that happens takes God by surprise.

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