Today’s guest post is by my friend, fellow author and speaker, Kim Aldrich. Kim has weathered the storm of depression and is often asked to share her story and how she found “joy in the middle.” I know you’ll enjoy her thoughts today about the difference between grief and regret (and Oh what a difference there is!)


Waste time regretting yesterday’s losses


Embrace today so you won’t regret tomorrow

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent an awful lot of time in my life obsessing over what DID happen that I wish DIDN’T…or what DIDN’T happen that I wish DIDEither way, it’s a vicious cycle.

Obsession is even worse company. It blinds you to anything and everything but the one thing you don’t have. Put the two together, and they’ll eat your insides out and suck away every possibility of being present in the here and now, where life actually has a chance of happening.

Of course, grief and mourning are a necessary part of life when we experience a loss. At times grief can look strangely similar to regret, yet with one important difference: 

 Healthy grief helps us accept and adjust to a loss, eventually making room for new experiences and growth, while regret and obsession never give up their space in our hearts and minds – thus making new growth impossible.

A wise man once said, “If you don’t like your past, build a new one.”


Living today well paves the way for a regret free tomorrow!

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