Hope for Depression in Children and Teens

Hope for the Silent Epidemic Understanding Depression Children Teens


Can children really suffer from depression?

Adults are not the only ones who can become depressed.

Children as young as 3 years old can have depression.

Signs and symptoms of depression have even been observed in babies.

In this document, I share information that gives a greater understanding of depression in children and teens. Including:

  • Can Children Really Suffer From Depression?
  • What is Depression?
  • Prevalence: How common is depression in children?
  • Risk Factors for Childhood Depression
  • How Can Parents Know if Their Child is Depressed?
  • Childhood Depression Symptoms – 4 Categories
  • The Difference Between Normal Childhood Behavior And Depression
  • Teen Depression Symptoms
  • How Teen Depression Differs From Adult Depression
  • Childhood and Teen Depression Risk Factors
  • What Can Parents Do When Their Child is Depressed?
  • How is Depression Diagnosed in Children and Teens?
  • Typical Treatments
  • What Can Parents Do?
  • What Causes It?
  • Suicide Statistics
  • Suicide Risk Factors
  • Suicide Warning Signs in Children & Teens
  • What Can Parents Do To Safeguard Against Depression?

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