Sometimes life doesn’t go as we planned. It doesn’t live up to all that Hollywood shows us it can, or should be. Sometimes dreadful things happen, like police knocking on your door to take your son to prison. That happened to a recent guest, Lori Boruff, on Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast. If you missed that episode, you can listen here: Hope When Things Aren’t Always What They Seem – Episode 101. Lori felt hopeless as a mother who was powerless to change the situation. But, just as God so often does, He helped Lori find hope in the ruins. I asked Lori to share about that here so you would be encouraged.

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Hope in the Ruins: Held by Living Hope
By Lori Boruff

I know what hopelessness feels like.

I know the tight grip of fear, overwhelmed by uncertainty and not wanting to see another day.

Hold on. Things aren’t always what they seem.

I also know the power of HOPE because I’ve experienced it.

Maybe you have experienced a personal 9/11 like me. Hang on—there is hope!

A personal 9/11 is when your world crashes around you—the death of a loved one, an unthinkable diagnosis, maybe…financial failure. All hope seems lost.

I experienced a personal 9/11 when our 19 year old son, Rusty, was taken from our home by an arresting officer. Two Class X Felony charges, $200,000 bond and a possible 7 – 14 year prison term.

For the first time this praying mom didn’t have any words to pray. Not because I was angry—but because the emotional pain was deeper than words.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit dropped Deuteronomy 33:12 into my heart. I told God a verse in the book of Psalm would be more comforting. (I assumed He chuckled—maybe not). I was serious. But His ways are always the blessed ways and this verse assured me that He heard my heart’s cry.

“…the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders.” – Deut. 33:12b (NIV)

I knew I didn’t have to have the words, just press in. Laying my head on the pillow was like pressing into my Heavenly Father’s chest listening to his steady heartbeat and whispering promises in my ear – I quickly fell asleep.

Held by Living Hope

In the night, a strong, yet soft, warm hand wrapped around mine and held on. Was my husband comforting me or was I comforting him? Neither one. It wasn’t my husband’s hand.

Living Hope held my hand that night. He held my hand in the jail on visiting days when my son shuffled with leg chains up to the bullet proof glass. His hand cuffs made it difficult to pick up the phone so we could have a conversation that was never long enough. Living Hope held my hand when I wondered where my church leaders were during this unthinkable time.

Living Hope held my hand in the courtroom after an eight month wait for sentencing. Living Hope gave me peace. The judge announced that the charges were reduced and Rusty served all of his time in Cell 121. He was free to go. We expected bad news but because of Living Hope—things are never what they seem.

What is your personal 9/11? Your hope is not lost; it is buried in the ruins. Haul the debris of fear, unforgiveness and unmet expectations to the cross to find hope again. And remember, things aren’t always what they seem. God is working.

Rusty also found Living Hope in Cell 121 and today offers hope to men and women coming out of prison through his nationally recognized faith based program called One Eighty. (

I will always have hope. Psalm 71:14 (NIV)

Have you found hope in the ruins and experienced His presence as your Living Hope? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Lori is also offering this free Downloadable PDF: 15 Reasons to Heal and Get Real.

About Lori Boruff:

Lori Boruff, Life CoachLori Boruff knows the power of hope because she experiences it. With a well-kept secret of rape for 23 years, two sons once on difficult paths, and a recent cancer diagnosis – she discovered the right tools to find hope in the ruins. Lori is a trusted, certified life-coach, transformational speaker, author and co-director of the Christian Communicators Conference. Lori’s passion is to connect, comfort and change lives with the power of hope through Jesus Christ.

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Have you ever experienced hopelessness? Lori felt hopeless as a mother who was powerless to change a dire situation she was facing when she was overwhelmed by uncertainty and not wanting to see another day. But, just as God so often does, He helped her find hope in the ruins. She shares today about the power of hope. #hope #hopelessness #HopeInTheRuins