Life has been extremely stressful lately, throwing punches from every direction. It has seemed that every time I’ve managed to duck and roll, as soon as I turned, another punch came from another turn leaving me physically spent and emotionally weary. When life gets that way, I know that I must choose to rest: both physically and on God.

After a particularly draining week with “punches” coming from doctors, friends, and even people in ministry, as a family we decided to intentionally take time to rest and rejuvenate together with time out on the water. Unfortunately, things did not go as smoothly as planned. Within ten minutes of soaring at high speed with the wind in my hair, and feeling like all was well with my soul, the transmission quit without warning on the boat we were driving, and felt like a ladder dropped while we were climbing.

We were left stranded in the middle of a huge lake…not exactly the morning we had envisioned. We discussed the situation as a family and decided that the best course of action was to wait for a passerby and wave them down for a tow back to the marina—whenever that might be on that quiet morning.

Immediately I began thanking God that our hiccup of a morning occurred that day and not a couple weeks later when I had planned to take a visiting friend out on the water. I thanked Him that this incident occurred first thing in the morning and not in the afternoon during the sweltering heat of a hot Texas August day. And I thanked Him that this unfortunate event occurred on a sunny day and not during an unforeseen rain shower. Before long one of my sons added, “At least it promotes family togetherness!”

Are you facing a difficult situation? Look for ways to be grateful to keep your mood positive and encouraged despite the circumstances. #gratitude #thankful #faith #Christianity

We could have chosen to grumble and complain, which would have made all of us miserable but instead we chose to find things about the situation for which we could be grateful, which kept our mood positive and encouraged despite our circumstances.

When you go through difficult life circumstances, what’s your first response? Is it to grumble and groan or is it to be grateful?

Scripture encourages the latter: “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).


Hi! My name is Cheryl Lutz and I have been gifted with the opportunity to help get the word out regarding my friend Dr. Michelle’s new book, Hope Prevails, on overcoming depression.

One of the points Dr. Michelle makes in her book is when we’re in that deep, dark pit and really struggling, how showing gratitude for the blessings that we do have can help pull us out.

This struck a chord two days ago when we almost lost my daughter due to complications from outpatient surgery. As I was slipping into that pit of depression because of all the outward circumstances whirling around me, I started remembering Dr. Michelle’s words and showing gratitude.

  • Gratitude for the lady, the stranger, in Panera Bread Company, who helped me catch my daughter as she started to pass out which showed us that there was a problem and we needed to get to the ER.
  • Gratitude for the ER doctor who was very rude and had zero bedside manner but he insisted on doing a CT scan which showed the internal bleeding which basically saved her life.
  • Gratitude for, yes, locking my keys, cell phone, purse, everything, in the car and having to rely on strangers to help me call a locksmith and take care of this situation.

So showing that gratitude changes everything.

So, if you or someone you know struggles with depression, I highly recommend this powerful book by Dr. Michelle. She is a neuropsychologist. She has struggled with depression herself and she is now on the other side and she’s sharing her beautiful story to help others.

I encourage you to pre-order this book, Hope Prevails, by Dr. Michelle Bengtson which releases August 16.

And, if you’re in a pit right now, I just want to encourage you. No matter how dark, no matter how deep, no matter how black, Hope Prevails!

Thank you.

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When you go through difficult life circumstances, what’s your first response? Is it to grumble and groan or is it to be grateful? When life throws one punch after another, you can choose to grumble and complain, or be grateful. Choose gratitude. Keep your mood positive and encouraged despite your circumstances. “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).